Keruilai Presents Energy Saving Air Cooling Solutions

Various cooling equipment's and their special features that have made them stand out in the industry.

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Dongguan, China

Air Coolers

They have high cooling efficiency with extreme energy saving. Cooling happens by natural water evaporation. Other important benefits include air freshener, ventilation, efficient cooling pad, filtration of dust and gasses and automatic cleaning systems.

Household Air Coolers

They have a unique open design of the water circulation system that never clogs or blocks. They are equipped with single-phase triple speed motor. They are built with great workmanship, with a luxury appearance and fits well with the home décor. They are also equipped with a balanced fan that is quiet and allows smooth airflow.
Industrial Air Coolers

They have Special body design for strength and stability during operation. They are made to produce very low noise levels by the independent fan mounting. They are designed in such a way that the cooling pad is close to the water distributor so water never flies into cooler main body. Utilizes one special water pump fitted such as to make easy maintenance and reduce the frequency of maintenance.

Commercial Air Coolers

They also function as dust filters, ventilation as well as coolers. Performance capacity is based on size of the room in which it can cool. Some models are portable hence can be used in different sites at different times. They are fitted with adjustable louvers for maximum air movement during cooling.

Home Air Coolers

Important features for consideration are; the noise levels, low maintenance frequency, dust filtration, and rate of cooling. These improvements have been done in the equipment design by having a big airflow and aero foiled axial fan. The equipment is also moisture proof and corrosion resistant.

Portable Water Cooler

The ease of movement from one point to another is emphasized here. Different sections of the house can be cooled and freshened with the same equipment. This cooling system is best suited for dry air with humidity being less than 50%. The machine has high-energy savings as opposed to the convectional cooling fans.

Small Air Coolers

They have multiple speed selection used to help reduce extreme air movement in the room. They are used largely in domestic cooling. They are also fitted with micro controllers, which give them stable performance.

Commercial Coolers

They also come in various designs and models, depending on the size of the room you want to cool. They may also be fitted with water tank for continuous water supply to the cooling pad. Evaporative coolers are also fitted with the timers for control of operating cycles. The cooling pad is also easy to clean and service.

Central Air Conditioning

They also supply air through a system of ducts for cooling to be achieved. Convectional air conditioners have high-energy usage and research has shown that they can raise the bills by up to 15 percent. Central evaporative coolers have high energy saving potential compared with the convectional air conditioners.

Room Air Conditioner

Similar to central air conditioning systems they are effective in smaller rooms. To have total efficiency and performance the machine requires regular servicing. Checking the cooling pad and louvers ensures clogging of the equipment will never occur.

Outdoor Air Cooler

They are made to resist outdoor weather elements, with ability to cool more than 1000 square feet. They have up to 16 inch fan blades that generate very powerful airflow. They also have an ice compartment and top loading water inlet and like the other systems. They are highly energy efficient.

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