Pokémon Go Creates an Electrifying Environment at Turner Sports UK

Pokémon Go, the game has created a stir in prominent members of Turner Sports UK

Online PR News Р31-July-2016 РBurton/Staffordshire РUK, Staffordshire, 31st July, 2016: The idea of Pokémon go was conceived by Satoru Iwata of Nintendo and Ishihara of the Pokémon company. Turner Sports UK is very pleased and over exited to learn about this game. This game has been launched in the UK and the people of the UK are enthusiastic and also passionate because of the hype this game has created all over the world. They believe that the boxers or the fighters will be playing this game and become physically and mentally healthier. Ever since the release of this game, the overall involvement of Turner Sports UK in the field of boxing has really shot up like pain from a rotten tooth. Now you can go on to the Google play store or apple store to download this game and you can proudly play it on your Android devices or iPads.

Ishihara of the Pokémon Company on an April fool’s day collaborated with Google. The collaboration was called Pokémon challenge. Niantic exploited the material from Ingress to establish the locations for poke stops and gyms within the game. In 2015, Ishihara especially spoke on September 10th to announce the game. The sound track of the game was composed by the Pokémon series composer Junichi Masuda. He also helped with a part of the game’s design. Dennis Hwang was also one of the game’s visual designers who had assisted Google and created Gmail logo.

Niantic declared a Japan exclusive beta test on March 4th 2016. The test was meant to be assisted by the players to make the game more refined and sophisticated before its full release. The test was later made mandatory in other countries as well. For example, on April 7th, it was announced that the beta test would be made available in Australia and New Zealand. On May 16th, the field test also reached the United States, but the test ended on June 30th.

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