Detroit MI Buick LaCrosse Receives High Marks in Car and Drivers ‘Car Designers Graded’

All major car creators get their design graded by Phil Patton, and this issue calls the Buick LaCrosse an A- student, good news for Detroit MI General Motors.

Online PR News – 21-October-2010 – – Detroit MI Buick LaCrosse is General Motors’ newly-graded, A student. In the newest issue of Car and Driver, Phil Patton, a teacher at the School of Visual Arts in New York and automobile-design writer for the New York Times, graded all of the major car designers ranging from American automakers like General Motors, Ford and Chrysler to European automakers such as Volkswagen, BMW, and Jaguar.

Top-students such as the Ferrari and Jaguar, both with A’s, were followed closely by Kia and Detroit MI automaker General Motors with their cars, including GM’s stylish Buick LaCrosse, being graded at an A-.

The designer for Buick, Ed Welburn, is said to be reviving the Buick with the LaCrosse concept. Rated above BMW, Audi and Ford—all graded with B’s—General Motors should be proud of Welburn for putting them on the map of high-class design.

It should be mentioned that carmakers who may have been considered higher on the design-pole were not called out as such this time around. Subaru’s WRX along with Porsche and its new Panamera were ranked at a B-. Porsche got this grade for the Panamera’s changed and stretched figure. It is hard to modify any part of a Porsche with such a classic and unchanging history of design.

Average students who received passing marks were Honda/Acura with a C- and Mitsubishi’s little “bean on wheels”, the i-MiEV, who took a C.

The lowest-graded kid in class this issue was Toyota/Lexus with a D+. This Japanese company’s new design campaign “Vibrant Clarity” for Toyota and “L-Finesse” for Lexus came up short with bland curves and overall dull appearance, according to Phil Patton.

This month’s report card may have been disappointing for some, but reward-worthy for others like the Buick LaCrosse who can now show off its new gold star to its proud parents in Detroit MI. Congratulations to all high-graded students, and to those who graded less than expected, maybe it’s time for a study group.

Here at Michigan Auto Times we're not surprised the LaCrosse received high marks in design because we named it our Top Pick for Family Sedan.

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