Safecard ID’s Website is Expanding with the Addition of Effective ID Card System to its Product Line

It may be unseemly, but there are companies who still look for ways to gain an advantage over a rival using less than fair means. The thriving online security company,, can see the potential for damage when a business does not have good security measures. HID access cards and Fargo printers have just been added to its site and guarantees organizations better security and peace of mind.

Online PR News – 01-November-2010 – – Greg Stephens, founder of Safe Card ID, saw that the ancient system photo ID card system was far too easy to manipulate and those who wish to abuse this system have already come up with innumerable ways to do so. His company has recently expanded online and the HID access card system is relatively inexpensive with Mr. Stephens confident it will reap rich rewards in terms of company security. This is especially the case when a company chooses to buy a Fargo printer to create their own ID cards.

With an old photo ID card, it was easy to make copies and replace an existing photo with a new one. This enabled rival companies to send in spies to locate sensitive information. Then, organizations wondered how their competitors managed to copy their marketing strategy and fingers started to get pointed in accusation. The HID access card that is proud to announce is available on their site removes elements of doubt regarding inappropriate behavior. The card is embedded with a microchip and barcode which contains data on a particular employee. Should they be a low ranking worker, access to certain areas can be withheld from them. This means sensitive information remains available only to a select few who can then be held responsible should something go awry.

Some of the HID access cards available include HID ISO Prox II cards which manage to combine an employee’s photo ID with the security information they need. All an employee needs to do with one of these cards is swipe it in the card reader and they will be allowed access. These cards are ISO 7810 compliant and at 30mm thick, fit perfectly into anyone’s wallet. These are available from in bundles of 100.

With a Fargo printer, companies could save a large sum of money in the long run. These printer systems do all the hard work of supplying a company with HID cards and prevent them from having to spend extra money on replacements. The Fargo DTC400e Dual Sided Printer System comes with all the software, camera, cards and print ribbons a business needs. It has a two year manufacturer warranty and contains 300 PVC cards and 200 ribbons as part of the package. It prints cards from 9-40mm thick and is capable of printing more than 100 dual sided color cards in an hour.

In a large organization it can be hard to keep track of all personnel. This means it is essential to incorporate the HID access card system into the company in order to keep track of employees and their movements. Access cards enable a business to find out when a member of the company arrived at work and when they left. It can keep tabs of the length of time they take for breaks and allows the company to find out who entered a specific area at a precise time. urges companies to take a look at their existing security measures to see if they are up to scratch. Fargo Printers can also be purchased from their online store now. This enables a business to print as many HID access cards as it needs and is guaranteed to beef up its security.

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