The Brand New Evolis Printer is Now Available from Safecard ID’s Online Store

Technological advances are sweeping the planet causing all businesses to think deeply about what they must do in order to keep up. Luckily for these companies, is expanding its business with more security options available than ever before. The Evolis Printer is a brand new printer and have it in stock to help companies print the HID access cards they desperately need.

Online PR News – 01-November-2010 – – The process of keeping track of employees has become more sophisticated and HID access cards are definitely the best way to tighten security. Each business has restricted areas where only members of the company hierarchy are allowed enter. Yet the price of printing these cards is also a problem. have recently announced the addition of the Evolis printer to their growing range of top quality ID card printers, allowing companies to print HID access cards which are several steps up from regular ID cards.

HID access cards are no bigger than a driving license but contain an enormous amount of information. Besides containing the employee’s information and credentials, they also contain a microchip, magnetic stripe and bar code. Each and every card printed contains a unique code which is used to determine whether the card holder is allowed access. After swiping the card, the information is relayed to the main computer which decides if the employee should be allowed to proceed.

As access cards are sophisticated pieces of technology, advanced software and printers are required in order to successfully print them. The new Evolis printer which is available on can be used for any form of ID card, regardless of how simple or complex it is thanks to its multiple lineup facility. Best of all, this printer delivers ID cards of the same high quality as professional printing organizations. It has also been designed to be as easy to use as possible with no need for complex training in order to understand it machinations. have a variety of printers on its online store including the Evolis Dualys ID card printer which can print a monochrome card in 4 seconds with dual sided cards completed in just 28 seconds. Cards from 10-40mm in thickness can be printed with this machine able to handle an impressive 100 cards per load. The Evolis Pebble ID card printer is capable of printing 150 color printed cards per hour and provides companies with detailed ID’s.

Once a company is armed with a security system and an Evolis printer their information is in safe hands. The HID access card can even be used to find out who attempted to enter a restricted area at a specific time. Perhaps more importantly, should vital information or company property go missing, the computer can tell the chief of security who went into a certain area and at what time as well as how long they stayed for. HID access cards and Evolis printers can be purchased now from SafeCard ID’s online store. They specialize in providing security for companies and aim to continue releasing the most innovative security measures in the world.

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