Nuverz Announces Launch of Answers and Advice Platforms

Miami-based Nuverz, a company developing content, platforms and solutions to help us live longer, independently and well, announces launch.

Online PR News – 01-August-2016 – Miami, FL – A baby born today has a 50/50 chance of living to 104 and seeing the year 2120. Around the world and across generations we’re living longer than ever. But that’s only half of the change ahead.

The same baby boomers that transformed sex, drugs and rock and roll are now reaching the traditional age of grandparents and they’re starting to retire. Every single day of this year, 13,000 people will turn 70. Projected to go on for years, this will change our society forever.

Miami-based Nuverz is determined to help change the traditional conversation on aging through its new Nuverz Advice and Nuverz Answers platforms. Various surveys have made it clear that no matter our chronological age, most people expect to remain active, engaged and independent as they get older. Many, in fact, are looking forward to their wisest and most interesting years, calling into question our most outdated ideas on aging.

“So much is changing, yet we’re not asking the right questions, getting the best answers, or finding useful advice on how to navigate the radical change ahead. We’re still stuck in a word-view that infantilizes older people and that can’t wait to medicalize their homes. This has to change and we hope to make a contribution to this transformation”, said Lucero Uribe, Editor-in-Chief of Nuverz Advice and Nuverz Answers.

“More and more people out there, regardless of their age, don’t feel old, don’t want hospital-inspired furniture in their homes and want to rethink their best years ahead. We want to be at the forefront of the movement some have called #GrowingBold”, said Uribe.

Nuverz Answers is a Q&A site looking to elicit the right questions and find the best answers to a broad range of topics from practical aging-at-home issues to spiritual and life-defining topics like death with dignity. Nuverz Advice harnesses the know-how of a whole range of experts who are transforming the world of independent living.

ABOUT NUVERZ: Miami-based company developing content, platforms and solutions to help us live longer, independently and well.

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