Safecard ID’s New HID Proximity Card is Now Available on Their Online Store

Regular ID cards are no longer enough and don’t offer the requisite level of security that a modern business needs. is offering businesses the chance to use world class machines like Fargo printers to produce HID Proximity cards in-house. Their website has a host of printer systems, software and cards that will enable a company to keep up with the demands of technology but the new types of proximity cards should provide peace of mind for any business.

Online PR News – 01-November-2010 – – It is clear that old photo ID cards do not provide the security that they should. With a normal ID card it is too easy to gain access to areas of a building that should be off limits. Companies that are aware of this have decided to place their trust in the HID proximity card and have stepped into the breach to provide this security. This card can be printed on a high quality machine such as a Fargo printer which are also on sale from

The founder of Safe Card ID, Greg Stephens, recognizes the need to have an extra element of safety in any ID system. HID proximity cards possess an embedded chip which holds a plethora of information pertaining to the identity of the cardholder and their credentials. Simply swipe the HID proximity card through the card reader and the information contained within will be sent to the system’s main computer. If the card holder is eligible for entry to the next room the door will open but if they are not, access will be denied. This is an ideal way of ensuring that top secret information relating to a company remains accessible only to a select few individuals. Most companies generally have several different levels of employee rank so this system is a perfect way to maintain order.

There are several different types of HID proximity cards available from including HID DuoProx II Cards which can be bought in bundles of 100. These cards provide excellent security thanks to the magnetic stripe encoding which can be found on each card. They are ISO 7810 compliant and are just 30mm thick, virtually the same as credit and bank cards.

Other innovative cards from are the HID ProxCard II models. Once again, these cards are slender and convenient for employees to carry. This single card will provide each member of the company with all the identification they need. It should be noted however that HID Prox II cards do not have a printable surface so therefore, standard ID card printers will be unable to print photo ID’s on them.

Businesses no longer have to worry about being unable to guarantee the safety of their most sensitive information. With a HID proximity card, a company will have all the protection they need in surprisingly simple form. Go onto and find out how they can provide companies with the innovative new HID proximity card as well as other materials needed to ensure the safety of any business.

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