The Lab Zone Presents Effective Solutions for Cleaning and Protecting All Surfaces

Keeping your favorite products protected and in proper condition will give a pleasure feeling. With proper formulation you can clean, polish and of material.

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Bradenton, USA

The Lab Zone is a leading private label contract manufacturer and has effectively formulated various detailing products like cleaners, polishes, waxes and sealants for cars, motorcycles, boats, trucks, airplanes, outdoor structures, footwear, and indoor and outdoor furniture to clean, polish as well to protect any surface. Our formulations are useful to restore any surface even. We only produce unique products which are one of its kinds in the market. As a manufacturer we maintain a strict policy of keeping every brand confidential and as a result our partners can offer the best detailers for automotive, boat and motorcycles.
The Lab Zone

We are known as the best detailing products manufacturer and private label formulator in Florida and across USA. Since our inception in 1989 we have been the leaders in auto detailing solutions and supplies. People trust us for our quality products meant for fiber glass protection, boat cleaning as well as carpet cleaning for automobiles. Our products are essentially found in all marine, automobile and motorcycle industries. Once our product is used, any surface can keep on shining and be protected for months to withstand everything nature throws on them.
No Surfaces Left Unprotected

Any surface on the face of earth can be protected, cleaned and maintained by The Lab Zone products. They are effective on aluminum, leather, plastic, rubber, glass, fiber glass, wood, brass, chrome, copper and bronze tops. Carpets, clear or painted surfaces, gel Coat, vinyl, stainless steel and upholstery can have equal effect by our products. With experience of more than twenty years and maintaining heist possible industry standards for quality goods, we can provide shining magic on any tops. Apart from manufacturing we also provide active support after a product is developed.
About Various Products

Talking about The Lab Zone Products, their application is different. Painted fiber glass surfaces can be cleaned by auto wash shampoo. It can be cleaned as well as protected by Carnauba detailing spray or quick detailer, which can also clean and protect plastic. Clay lubricants or high suds shampoo is applicable for the same too. Get more information about carnauba detailing spray Visit at -

Items made of copper, brass and bronze can be restored by Aluminum Restore. Our gel cleaner is used to clean the rubber of your tire. Wood and carpet can be maintained with all- purpose cleaning gel. Similarly different types of cleaners are used for different materials like leather cleaner for leathers, waterless wash concentrates for clear plastic and glass tops, wheel cleaning formulations for stainless steel so on and so forth. One can be sure to find a suitable product according to their need from the exhaustive list of useful automotive and boat cleaners, sealants, polishes and waxes supplies.
Some Other Products

Marine all-purpose cleaner for boats paints, upholstery, carpets are available that include mildew, yellow stain, swirl mark and scratch remover with quick detail. Apart from the above you have the extensive list of chrome and metal polish, spray and Carnuaba liquid wax for giving require shine on all types of surfaces. Get the effective protection with the best paint, interior trim and metal sealants including rubber and vinyl protectant spray. So, The Lab Zone is basically a one stop shop providing effective solution for many problems.

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