ITWorks365 Offers a Free IT Security Assessment

ITWorks365 is pleased to announce that they are now offering a FREE IT Security Assessment to companies throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Online PR News – 30-July-2016 – Dallas, TX – ITWorks365 is pleased to announce that they are now offering a FREE IT Security Assessment to companies throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area. This assessment looks deeply at a business’s overall infrastructure, network, hardware and software, looking for vulnerabilities to ensure a fully secure IT environment.

Having the most detailed information on security vulnerabilities is essential to ensure a business is fully protected against IT threats. Throughout 2015 and 2016, businesses in the United States, including the Dallas/Fort Worth area, have lost billions of dollars due to hacking and other IT vulnerabilities. Offering this Free IT Security Assessment to companies in the DFW area will not only expose the vulnerabilities and security threats, but it will also help educate business owners and their IT departments. ITWorks365’s goal is for all businesses to have the opportunity to operate safely and efficiently with the peace of mind knowing that there are no vulnerabilities that can be penetrated by hackers, malware, spyware, viruses or unauthorized employees. “Business owners work too hard just to keep a company succeeding on a business level, let alone having to worry about having their data being stolen by a hacker,” says Eric Beckman, VP Marketing & Business Development of ITWorks365. “We’re working hard to expose the real threat and educate business owners on IT and Cyber Security that they know they need, but may not know what to look for or how to go about attaining it.” The ITWorks365 IT Security Assessment usually runs an average customer upwards $400 depending on the size of their network and infrastructure. Larger companies happily pay thousands of dollars for an IT security assessment. “I think offering this service for free is the only way to let people know how serious this issue is and how serious we are about providing a solution. It’s a big issue that every company needs to have addressed. We’re finding more and more companies in the DFW area that have already been attacked and are now being sued over stolen data and cannot afford to keep the doors open. We are trying to take the proactive approach by informing businesses and implementing security measures before the attack occurs.”

Major news channels report on large corporations that have been recently hacked, such as T-Mobile, Anthem, Home Depot, JP Morgan, eBay and even Target; however, it happens every day to smaller businesses. The hackers that that successfully penetrated these corporations created a global shift in security. That is why every bank implemented a security chip on all credit/debit cards and every vendor that accepts credit cards is required to update their point of sale systems. That being said, most hackers that want to steal proprietary data from businesses are not attacking large corporations that have millions of dollars to spend on IT & Cyber-Security. They are instead attacking small to medium sized businesses that don’t have the security precautions and that are vulnerable to attacks due to either a lack of resources or a lack of knowledge.

ITWorks365 is providing businesses with this free assessment so they are not only aware of the IT vulnerabilities within their infrastructure, but also so that small and medium sized businesses can eliminate the threat of company, employee and client data being stolen. The ITWorks365 Security Assessment provides business owners and their IT departments the opportunity to see the vulnerabilities and address them with remedies for absolutely no cost. “We are not trying to replace a company’s IT department; but rather, we are trying to expose the threat of hackers coming from China, Russia and even within the U.S. Our headquarters is located in Dallas, TX, so we are offering this assessment for free to all businesses in the DFW area because we actually care about our local economy,” says Eric Beckman. “We have partnered with some of the best IT Security hardware and software companies in the industry and our security measures are by far the best solution for small to medium sized business. That being said, because of our strategic partnerships, we have also been able to reduce price points and now IT and cyber security is affordable for any small business…” ITWorks365 offers this free assessment to bring awareness with the desire to extend their IT Security hardware, software and consulting solutions to all businesses that feel that security is a key factor that cannot be overlooked.

Anyone interested in learning more about the free IT Security Assessment can find out more by visiting the ITWorks365 website, or by calling (469) 913-6754 or toll-free at 1 (800) 890-6008.

About ITWorks365: ITWorks365 is an IT consulting and cloud solutions provider that provides a vast array of services to ensure companies are fully protected and have their IT needs serviced proactively 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. They help small to medium sized businesses all over the U.S., Canada and are now expanding into the U.K. IT Works creates custom solutions for companies to guarantee that their entire infrastructure is always live, secure and efficiently running, while eliminating unnecessary costs and generating a strong ROI.

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