A new update for Vacutouch makes the machine control software more intuitive to operate

A new update will make Vacutouch control software for VACUDEST evaporators more up-to-date and user-friendly. It is slated for release in autumn 2016.

Online PR News – 28-July-2016 – Steinen/Germany – Fresher, more up-to-date and intuitive: That’s what the Vacutouch will be like after the update. This new software update will be released for Vacutouch machine control software in 2016 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems. The update will come onto this market within the year, most likely in the autumn. This update will be free for customers with a maintenance contract and can be installed as part of the next round if maintenance if desired.

H2O GmbH chose reliable menu navigation for the control functions. This update includes the new system sizes L 8,000 and XXL 30,000 as well as modifications such as ones made for controlling operational and cleaning functions.

Finally, the update also includes a great deal of improvements to increase user-friendliness. For example, maintenance tips are now also available in Spanish and Russian, and there are now operator texts available in Basque.

Interested in learning more? Additional information on VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems and Vacutouch machine control software is available on the H2O GmbH company homepage at http://www.h2o-de.com.

About H2O GmbH – The experts for zero liquid discharge from the H2O GmbH are worldwide technological leaders in the field of efficient and reliable vacuum distillation systems for the processing and recirculation of industrial wastewater. Thanks to a modular composed technology, each system is tailored individually according to the customer’s needs. 30 years of experience lead to exceptional products, which set technological standards.

Since the spin-off of the Mannesmann Demag Group in 1999 the owner managed H2O could win a growing number of loyal customers who appreciate the scope of services of the H2O. The turnover increased since the foundation on an average of 15 percent up to 17,9 million Euro in the year 2015. The H2O employs today more than 100 colleagues worldwide, thereof 80 at the head office in Baden Steinen.