Agil Technologies is introducing in Europe The next Marketing Software generation for Brands

Every day, we are creating more content and are running more campaigns using various media channels. As a result, marketers are facing extreme complexities...

Online PR News – 28-July-2016 – For immediate release - Paris/France – Marketing is growing quickly. Every day, we are creating more content and are running more campaigns using various media channels. As a result, marketers are facing extreme complexities in their ability to efficiently orchestrate their activities on time and in a controlled manner, while keeping budget costs at a minimum.

Agil Technologies is announcing the launch of agility, the next marketing collaborative platform that unifies and streamlines the brand marketing ecosystem, while it easily connects all players in order to free up brands from the complexities they are facing and provide them with four major benefits:
• Simplification: Simplifies the management of marketing activities, allowing all players like teammates, agencies and freelancers to work together on projects in one place, 24/7, everywhere in the world, from creation to campaign delivery distribution and reporting.
• Acceleration: Speeds up the brand’s acquisition, implementation, use and renewal of the best of breed marketing automation apps that are easily accessible through the agility platform.
• Optimisation: Optimises productivity and brings efficiencies to the entire marketing ecosystem and stakeholders working with brands.
• Control: Creates powerful reports on activities and generates analytics that include apps kpi’s, as well as key data from 3rd party sources tailored to measure
and control the brand ecosystem.

Agil Technologies has built a unique, innovative and intuitive marketing collaborative platform, which takes advantage of open innovation provided by the best existing marketing automation tools and apps in the world. As a result, campaigns are performed more efficiently and all information and content are accessible from one place for everyone. Campaign activation can be rolled-out directly from agility using the apps corresponding to the chosen channel. In addition, using agility massively reduces time to market that allows marketers to concentrate on other value added activities. Finally, through the reporting dashboard, all players are in full control of what is happening and can drive their activities in real time. This integrated end-to-end workflow drastically reduces marketing costs.

Don’t just take our word for it
“agility has changed the way we communicate and collaborate with our clients, our suppliers and with the other agencies we work alongside to deliver global campaigns. All projects managed in one place, connected to the assets we are working on and approving, with the ability to feed these directly into automation Apps and fulfill. That’s different, and our clients like this a lot. “ said Luke Hammersley, CEO at Zebra Worldwide a Global Content Production and Marketing efficiency network and one of the pioneering users of the agility platform in Europe.
“ We are delighted to actively contribute to the Zebra Worldwide innovative strategy and to help Zebra and its clients improve collaboration and the development of more efficiencies for the brands they are serving around the world.“ said Jean-Pierre Eiselé, CEO and founder at Agil Technologies.

About Agil Technologies
Agil Technologies is an innovative MarTech startup based in Paris and London that helps brands and their ecosystem better collaborate and address the evolving challenges they are facing. The company was founded in 2014 by recognised and experienced marketing, advertising and digital technologies professionals. The company objective is to provide brands with open innovation and best user experience through simplification, acceleration, optimisation and control.
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