Merahoardings Launches India’s First Outdoor Advertising Booking Mobile App

• Telugu Titans Team Launched the Outdoor Advertising Booking Mobile App

Online PR News – 27-July-2016 – New Delhi – MeraHoardings, a Hyderabad-based online media trading platform, has announced the launch of India’s first hoarding, advertising and ad space booking mobile app. The app, compatible with Android and iPhone Operating System (iOS) mobile devices, has been launched by the Prokabaddi Telugu Titans’ team.

The online ad space booking platform , launched in December 2015 with media inventory in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, is the official outdoor media partners to the Prokabaddi Telugu Titans team. Today, reaches out to 16 states across the country and is all set to expand its operations pan-India in due course.

“From the day we signed up MeraHoardings for handling Telugu Titans’ outdoor media requirements, it has been friendly, resourceful, quick in response, helpful and cost-effective. Without any hesitation, I would recommend MeraHoardings,” said Mr Srini Sreeramaneni, owner of Telugu Titans.
“We want to break the nature of current outdoor advertising environment for clients on all sides of the business. How we are using our experience in mobile technology to help our clients transform their business models,” MeraHoardings Founder and Chief Executive Officer Dr Saikrishna Gajavelly.

The mobile app will add to their popularity and the traffic will surge manifold, as mobile internet users are growing at a tremendous pace with the introduction of the 2G, 3G and 4G network in the country Mr. SaiKrishna added.

About is the online market for ooh media & outdoor media trading platform, designed as an essential tool for ad-space buyers and owners, advertising agencies, and other key outdoor advertising industry stakeholders. It aggregates vendor inventory and allows to media plan and online booking of outdoor media in a real-time setting.

MeraHoardings is the India’s first online outdoor media booking platform, with the widest assortment of 2000+ Billboards/Hoardings across 500+ diverse vendors from number of Locations, Towns, and States media and vendors.

This new platform is a result of extensive industry research and executive team’s vast experience in media and advertising, marketing and information technology.

For Clients, MeraHoardings presents a streamlined interface that allows booking an ad campaign from multiple vendors with just a few clicks of a mouse. Customers can identify the best price and audience reach combinations, filtered by demographics and location, and negotiate pricing in real-time.

For Owners (Vendors), MeraHoardings provides instant contact with local, regional and national media buyers and advertising agencies. Media Vendors have complete control over their inventory and can achieve optimal pricing by negotiating rates in a real-time setting.
Advertising agencies benefit from consolidating an entire campaign planning process using the platform’s continually updated database. Administrative tasks of locating, negotiating and booking outdoor ads, and time requirements associated with this process are streamlined and optimized considerably.

Our Online Booking Services take an active role in disseminating information for our clients, and make strategies to inform their target audiences about the products, services and related activities, through various outdoor media, such as Hoardings, Billboards, Unipoles, Flyover Spans, Arches,Road Mediums, Bus Shelters, Train-Bus – Cab – Auto Branding and Mobile Van Ads etc….