Belkin launches a set of new wireless devices in a recent international festival

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Online PR News – 27-July-2016 – United Status – Belkin is known for its modem worldwide and this only because of the combination of strong design and high speed performance. In a recent international festival Belkin which is known for computing and and consumer electronic devices have a launched a series of new and next generation modems. The authorities from the company claimed that besides the look the inner technology of the modems and the routers have been revolutionized and thus ensuring stronger and more robust wireless coverage which fits apt for modern lifestyle.

In order to keep up with this highly technically preset world multibeam which is a new antenna technology have been introduced by Belkin. This technology allows users to utilize the slot design to deliver a higher performance and thus improving the performance of the MMIO system. The chasis of the new router have been designed to support this technology and thus increase the coverage area for connectivity. The company officials claimed that previously routers would be of donut shaped coverage pattern and the newly designed modem will support flat and wide connection and also with inbuilt multi beam technology to improve the connection in all the areas. This technology has been designed to achieve higher and more consistent network speed and reduces the dead spots in a particular area by a considerable amount.

Each of the router and modem has something new to offer to all the dedicated users but the thing which is common among all of them is the multibeam technology that definitely matches with today’s lifestyle. Apart from this the officials also claimed that most of the modems are also included with high powered amplifiers to add more horsepower to drive the wireless signal even further.

Announcing the launch the top officials claimed that “We at Belkin are excited to launch the new range of devices at an international level which is a great milestone for us. Our conceptuality has not only met the present needs this time but has also targeted the needs of the future. The beak through have been achieved by the launch of our latest multibeam technology and thus predictions are there for increase in the demand. The customers all over the world will definitely benefit from the launch of all new and stylish range of products.”

Apart from all these one major update launched is that the energy of the radio signal is focused toward the devices on the network instead of radiating in all directions. The experts claimed that when speaking of the norms and standards then the Belkin modem follows IEEE standards which follow 3*3 stream path whereas previously modems or the routers launched used to only follow two stream path. With the introduction of the third stream users will have the advantage of 50 percent better output.

Apart from all these the new range of Belkin modems and routers have one of the best advantages and that is higher network speed when compared to greater distances previously at home. In practical terms when talking of the speeds then distances greater than 60 feet can be achieved easily. This means if we talk of the home environment then the modem and the router has got to offer better wi-fi coverage and if we talk of distances than multiple rooms can be covered easily from the location of the router.

The officials claimed that if they are talking of multistory buildings that are in need of the wi-fi signal will definitely benefit in terms of signal coverage. So people who are looking for faster streaming, further roaming, and working smarter and efficiently then they should have no other choice other than Belkin modem.

All the technological advancement have been tested and verified through multiple organizations before producing it before the consumers. So the consumers can assume all the news to be true and can definitely go for the router of their choice with the latest launch.

Apart from all these there has also been a significant improvement in the customer support department. The company officials claimed that users can now get the advantage to get any sort of bugs fixed with their modem at any point of time. This is because the certified technicians from the Belkin modem customer service have now been authorized to offer round the clock services to the consumers apart from offering them services all through the year. The company officials claimed that new tools and techniques have been introduced to resolve any sort of issues with the Belkin modem. These set of tools are also known as technical assistance modes. Various technical assistance modes to fix the issues that have been introduced by the company are remote technical assistance, onsite technical assistance, and live chatting and mail support. However they also claimed that all the modes may not be available at all the time because of factors like location and availability of the technicians. But consumers can use the remote technical assistance mode at any point of time to get any sort of issues fixed within a short span of time.

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