Ariah-Hossein Rastegar, Entrepreneur and Real Estate Investor Launches Rastegar Capital

As a businessman and experienced real estate investor, Ariah-Hossein Rastegar uses his knowledge to open an investment firm

Online PR News – 27-July-2016 – Dallas,Texas,USA – ​Ariah-Hossein Rastegar decided that in 2015, he would leave World Class Capital, an established investment firm, to start his own, Rastegar Capital. Mr. Rastegar started the firm because he wanted to find a way to offer institutional grade investments to the general public. Mr. Rastegar modeled his company after two beliefs: one, to deliver consistent returns for his investors, two, to build layers of downside protection for investors to prevent the loss of money.

Mr. Rastegar has upheld the principles of his company, because after being involved in almost $2 billion of real estate transactions, no investor has experienced a loss. Rastegar Capital is different from other investment firms because it focuses more on an entrance strategy, instead of an exit one. Rastegar Capital professionals know that if they find properties at the right price, there is no need to consider an exit strategy, because the only way for the investment to go is up.

The Rastegar Capital model is a simple and straight forward one hat centers around protecting the investor. That is why Mr. Rastegar made sure to diversify the assets of the company geographically, further stabilizing investments for contributors. Since the company’s inception, Rastegar Capital has assets in 12 states, spanning 32 cities and 7 different investment classes.

People looking for safe, long-term investments turn to Rastegar Capital because the founders,Ariah-Hossein Rastegar and his associate, Darren Manzari have the experience needed to generate consistent returns. Mr. Manzari, the President of Rastegar Capital, works to improve the core processes of the company, assisting with the financial and strategic planning. Mr. Manzari uses his 15 years of career experience creating efficient companies to keep Rastegar Capital and its investors growing steadily.

Mr. Rastegar and Mr. Manzari did not create Rastegar Capital simply to generate returns, however. They also started the company to realize their shared vision of improving lives all over the world. That is why the two also launches “Assets of Humanity” a for-profit charity that Rastegar Capital matches every donation to.

Businessmen and philanthropist Ariah-Hossein Rastegar created Rastegar Capital to help everyone have access to institutional level investments.

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