Syndicated Comedy Radio Show Breaks Into Syndication Across The U.S. And Europe

Syndicated Comedy Radio Show Vinnie And The Alien Breaks Into Syndication Across The U.S. And Europe in 2016

Online PR News – 27-July-2016 – Detroit, MI – When musician and veteran podcaster Vince Smith (aka MotownVinnie) and seasoned radio professional Keith Samland (aka Alienstone) decided to pool their talents and start an internet radio station in Detroit, MI called Alien X Radio back in 2012, their ultimate goal was to put their heads together and create a popular comedy/variety radio show to be the flagship of the station. They started out doing their own solo shows and did specials together periodically and it became evident by 2014 that they were way more popular and it was way more fun than doing shows by themselves.

In July of 2015, the timing was right for the Vinnie and the Alien show to grow from 4 specials a year to a weekly live 2 hour show. Since then, the audience has grown by leaps and bounds. It is the most popular show on their flagship station in Detroit and is now being carried on internet and terrestrial radio stations in Seattle, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York, London and Amsterdam just to name a few. They are also rising fast as a podcast on iTunes and other outlets.

They have their sights on taking over the world through expansion into markets all across the United States on AM and FM stations. “We want to be everywhere in syndication,” says MotownVinnie. “We have this whole alien thing going on, where we say ‘resistance is futile’ and ‘you will be assimilated’ and we are seriously trying to do that in a radio sense.”

The premise of the show is that Alienstone flies the ‘mothership’ and MotownVinnie is a temporal being who opens wormholes through time so they can take their audience on a journey. It’s more of a running joke that comes up sometimes during the show than anything. The show mainly consists of them bringing stories of the weird and ridiculous things people do such as stupid criminals, bizarre products, pop culture fails, interesting lists and more.

Regular segments include ‘The Punchlines,’ which consists of funny headlines as well as the galaxy’s favorite game show, ‘Onion Or Potato’ where players are invited to guess if what Vinnie is saying is a fake onion or a real but stupid potato. The show is very interactive with people calling in and chatting with them in Alien X Radio’s chatroom.

“We work very hard to make a very funny, yet very professional show with high production quality, breaks for sponsors for syndication, show clocks and everything else that big time radio shows do,” said Alienstone. “Our show is FCC compliant and radio ready… we’re primed for a big move to a much bigger audience.”