New Hope Opens West-Side Location

The New Hope Fertility Center is opening a new West Side location at 4 Columbus Circle (W 58th and 8th Ave) that will feature state-of-the-art technology and a patient-centered design. The opening ceremony for the new facility will be held on October 22, 2010 and its doors will officially open to patients on Monday, October 25th.

Online PR News – 20-October-2010 – – The new clinic is the brainchild of the New Hope Fertility director Dr. John Zhang, an embryologist and fertility doctor who is excited about how the new facility will improve patient experiences. The designs and technology incorporate 20 years of Dr. Zhang’s personal experience visiting and studying leading IVF clinics all over the world. It is a showcase of what Dr. Zhang believes is the most state-of-the-art in IVF technology. “What we have at our Park Avenue clinic is already world-class,” Dr. Zhang says, “the new location simply raises that bar by expanding our reach to the West Side.”

While the new location is in Columbus Circle, it is not one of the looming skyscrapers that are often associated with the area. As a result, although it affords patients and visitors with easy access and convenient transportation options, people will find that it is a quieter, more intimate space offset from the noisy hustle and bustle of the big city.

The Columbus Circle location comes as a welcomed addition to New Hope Fertility’s East Side, Park Avenue office. With 15,000 sq-ft of ecologically designed green construction, the new location will boast three spacious and comfortable waiting rooms and a relaxing spa-like recovery space. The expanded patient-centered layout will also mean less waiting time, quicker appointments, and ultimately a lower impact on patient schedules and daily lives.

In addition, the completion of the new location will dovetail with the launch of an online record-management system allowing all New Hope Fertility patients to have 24/7 access to their records. A change to more email based communication will also cut down on back-and-forth and “phone-tag” delays, and will improve efficiency, giving patients clear written instructions.

The Columbus Circle location will function as New Hope Fertility’s primary Research and Development department, showing state-of-the-art technology and housing one of the largest oocyte donation and banking centers. Many of the instruments and equipment, like mini-incubators and workstations, are the latest models just flown in from Japan. The superior technology, exceptional doctors and pioneering experience will help keep the New Hope Fertility Center at the forefront of fertility care.

Peter Fuzesi, who has been overseeing the construction and systems engineering of the Columbus Circle location has described the new building saying that, “[It] will include everything that we offered out of our Park Avenue clinic, just upgraded into a more modern environment.”

While most fertility clinics hide their laboratory operations in back offices, the new clinic will showcase its large research space behind a glass wall in plain view so that patients can observe the research being done at New Hope Fertility. In addition, the clinic has upgraded its exam rooms with cameras and patient monitors to allow patients to watch, in real-time, many of their own lab procedures as they are being done.

The West Side location will open at 6:30am, earlier than its Park Avenue counterpart, to accommodate teachers and other working professionals who would prefer to make appointments before work.

The newest addition to the New Hope Fertility Center’s New York City operation promises to be another impressive step forward for the clinic as well as the field of fertility treatment. What started off as an innovative yet modest operation on the Upper East Side, has now just expanded to the west, opening one of the most impressive and rigorous clinics to date and we all share in the pride and excitement of continued hope.