How To Recognize Mistakes In a Website’s Homepage Design

New York website design firm offers tips on what a website’s home page should do, what it should not do, and how to correct mistakes made in the past.

Online PR News – 24-September-2009 – New York, New York – “Most business owners who have an existing website have not likely given their home page much thought since their site was first launched,” says Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., ( a New York City website design, web development and search engine optimization (SEO firm ) services firm. “Unfortunately, their original design may just be killing the very business that they are trying to promote.”

According to Crisafi, there are a number of mistakes that even the biggest corporations make with their home page content. The first, he says, is making the assumption that new visitors will automatically know what the business is offering them.

“Make your selling point clear right from the start,” says Crisafi. “And while we are on the subject of assumptions, don’t assume that prospective clients already know about your company’s history before they arrive.”

Crisafi says that credibility is the key to success and it is important for a business to show its credibility on its homepage, rather than burying it somewhere else. For example, he suggests putting favorable testimonials front and center.

Another way to ensure disaster, says Crisafi, is by having stale and outdated content.

“Your home page should offer new content on a regular basis,” says Crisafi. “This can be done by incorporating the latest news about the business. An added bonus is that major search engines respond well to fresh content.”

According to Crisafi, the home page is the most important page of a website.

“If you have not updated your home page in a while or you are just starting to venture online, be sure to avoid some of these mistakes,” says Crisafi, “because such mistakes will cost you business.”

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