PureVPN's Latest Update Is All About Innovation!

PureVPN's new Windows VPN app makes it even easier for internet users to get the best of encryption, security, and accessibility, with just a tap.

Online PR News – 26-July-2016 – Central – June 17, 2016, Hong Kong - PureVPN's performance and popularity indicators recently touched new highs after the release of its latest Windows VPN app, according to industry reports. The recently launched updated version of Windows VPN app offers a host of new changes to the popular VPN application. Being operational for almost nine years now, PureVPN is an industry leader and continues to revolutionize the VPN industry by introducing innovative features.

What's New?

The updated Windows VPN app offers the much-awaited multi-language feature, supporting French, German and Dutch, which means that more users will be able to use the application in their native language.

Other than that, the update also brings in support for more features under the hood. The big new core feature added is that Split Tunneling now supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Operating Systems. Adding support for both version of the Operating System means more freedom for PureVPN users to simultaneously use their ISP and PureVPN connection. Additionally, Split Tunneling also helps users to access their local network and resources while they are connected to PureVPN.

The new update also brings an overhauled User Interface, which is faster in use and cleaner in look. The new UI also incorporates the ability for users to share their feedback in real-time, be it bug reports, problems and other issues, from within the application. The Internet Kill Switch has also been greatly improved in the update and users are praising the one-click functionality, which immediately shuts off all internet access in case the VPN connection drops.

PureVPN's Salient Features

With all of these new additions, PureVPN aims to remain the go-to security, privacy and anonymity solution for security-conscious internet users and also for users that value complete internet freedom. With the continuous addition of new features over the course of the nine years since its establishment, PureVPN has come a long way to usher in an era on the internet where users are safe from all sorts of attacks and leaks.

About PureVPN

PureVPN provides worldwide internet users equal freedom, privacy and security against countless threats including DDoS attacks, DNS hijacking and IPv6 leakage. PureVPN's network is spread across 140+ countries, with 550+ servers and 80,000+ IPs. PureVPN is focused on quality, freedom and choice of connectivity to provide you with the best VPN service. www.purevpn.com