Ecosmob Announced To Offer Currency Converter IVR Software Development for eCommerce Sites

The eCommerce sites deal with the international customers who use the different currencies as they belong to different countries.

Online PR News – 26-July-2016 – Washington, olympia – Ecosmob Technologies is a well known name in the VoIP industry. The company has been offering the custom development services in different VoIP technologies for more than 7 years. The operational headquarter of Ecosmob Technologies is situated in Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India. The representative of the company has recently made an announcement about their custom development services of currency converter IVR solution for the eCommerce industry.

“The eCommerce industry is booming these days and the major fact is, it has crossed the geographical borders. There are many eCommerce business owners who offer their products to overseas clients. In such cases, they need to deal with the different currencies of different countries. Here, the automated mechanism of converting the currency would be really helpful. To be part of this, we have come up with the currency converter IVR solution. Based on the business model, we will offer custom development services for the eCommerce Business owners. This IVR solution will convert the currency from the country of customer to the country of the eCommerce business owner. It means, if someone from USA is buying the spices from an Indian eCommerce website, then the currency converter IVR solution will convert the US Dollars into Indian Rupees. So at the time of payment the payment will be made in the INR. This will make the payment options flexible for buyer and convenient for the seller.”, shared the representative of Ecosmob Technologies.

As per the details shared, the company will offer the currency converter IVR software development in the Asterisk technology. This IVR solution can have selected features based on the eCommerce site, which need to get integrated into their business model. Some of them are listed below:
IVR prompts which can be customized by an admin panel
Support for regional language of the eCommerce website
Text to speech conversion
Multi level IVR menus
Easy to use admin panel
And many more

“This solution is similar to any other IVR solution. However, it has the programmed logic, which makes it different than other IVR solutions. The programmed logic in the currency converter IVR software will make sure that it can convert the currency at the time of checkout. This solution can also be programmed in a way that the customers can check the rates of currency exchange. So before making actual payment, the customers of an eCommerce website can check the currency rate and based on that they may make purchases and payment.”, shared the representative of Ecosmob Technologies.

The Asterisk specific website of Ecosmob Technologies highlights the features, benefits and other details related to this currency converter IVR solution. One may access the page from this URL: