We An-Ser Announces Latest Technologies for Call Centres to Stay Updated

Call centres may be moving towards more automated systems in the near future.

Online PR News – 25-July-2016 – Regina, SK – Call centres may be moving towards more automated systems in the near future. China's leading third-party payment service provider, Alipay, has installed robots in the call centres to handle phone calls with customers. This is an example of how call centres are expected to change in the future. Customers can expect some of the same technology to be utilized for call centres in Calgary.

Technology can enhance communication up to a certain point but having trained professional agents in place is what takes customer service to the next level.

The smart robots for Alipay will be able to handle simple tasks such as checking balances and passwords. However, the role is expected to expand as technology allows these robots to become smarter. They are an advancement over current automated systems that are limited to only responding to specific questions and often not able to provide correct information.

Customers will be able to interact with the smart robots in casual speech, and the robots will be able to determine what the customer needs based on specific clues or request more information. They can also respond in less time than what traditional robots have been able to do, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and less time spent on the phone.

While this move towards implementing smart robots is in the financial sector, is has strong implications for what can happen in any industry in call centres. However, many functions will still require human intervention, which will serve to provide reassurance to customers who want to speak to a person on the other end of the phone.

We An-Ser Communications is a call centre in Calgary that utilizes the latest technology to handle customer calls and achieve greater satisfaction from customer service. The company focuses on representing their clients and maintaining their reputation in all relations with customers. Ashley Maszaros of We An-Ser Communications says that utilizing new technology is essential to providing superior customer service.

"At the same time, there is no replacement for human interactions," says Maszaros. "Technology can enhance communication up to a certain point, but having trained professional agents in place is what takes customer service to the next level." We An-Ser Communications works with various industries, including oil and gas, construction and the medical industry providing call centre services based on the company’s needs. All agents are trained to understand the language and details of the industry where they serve to ensure they meet the customers’ needs and represent the business in a positive way.

Businesses of all sizes use the services that We An-Ser Communications provides. The call centre service offers backup support for after-hours calls as well as providing service for up to 24 hours a day as needed. Agents are trained to handle a variety of situations and to know the procedures of each company they serve. They work to make the interactions with customers as seamless as possible while enhancing the brand and reputation of the business.

As new technology for call centres is developed, companies like We An-Ser will continue to implement it in their systems. However, the focus will always be on providing exemplary customer service regardless of whether it is through machines or people to ensure superior customer satisfaction.