is conducting a seminar on Uses of Legal Tech

Leading Legal Technology platform is organizing a seminar to educate lawyers about the uses of Legal Technology on 30th July 2016.

Online PR News – 26-July-2016 – Allahabad – India's leading Lawyer discovery platform and Virtual Chamber provider is going to organize a seminar on 30th July at NCZCC Auditorium at Allahabad. The motive behind this seminar is to educate Lawyers about the various uses of Legal Tech, Types of Legal Tech Platforms and the best way to optimize their use.

About 400 Lawyers from and around the City are expected to take part and build their knowledge about Legal Tech in India.
This is the largest seminar for Lawyers in a city that has its roots deep into the Legal Sector. is a simple Lawyer search and discovery platform which provides various uses to the lawyers who get enrolled. This is the only legal tech platform that is totally free to use for both the public and lawyers alike. While some portals mediate the appointment booking process, makes no such claims. "The appointment mediation process is broken and totally against the welfare of Lawyers. If a person is not satisfied with the consultation, the Lawyer ends up losing his fees and this is against their interest.", says Kunal Narain, Chief Operational Officer at Lawyersofindia.
Kunal claims that most Legal Tech websites are taking the illegal route to success. They claim to provide ratings and past case history of the lawyers associated with them, which is not permitted by the Bar Council of India in the first place