Andres Mobile Tinting Offers Mobile Window Tinting on the Gold Coast with a Lifetime Warranty

Andres Mobile Tinting offers window-tinting services with a lifetime warranty on the quality of their tints.

Online PR News – 25-July-2016 – Brisbane – Andres Mobile Tinting, a renowned mobile window tinting company on the Gold Coast, is offering quality UV-rays blocking window tints with lifetime warranty. The company guarantees to offer window tints that reduce heat by 80% and cut our 93% glare.

Customise Your Window Tints with Digital Prints

Andres Mobile Tinting is known for offering window tints that block 99% UV rays, 93% glare, and 80% heat, making the indoor space much more comfortable and cosy. However, the window tinting company also offers customisation options for its clients looking for a creative twist in their window tints.

Talking about customisation of window tints, a spokesperson from the company said, “We have a board client-base which includes homeowners, retail outlet owners, and businesses of all kinds. We have been approached by many businesses for digitally printed window prints and that’s the reason we started offering this service.”

The company allows its customers to get any digital image printed on their window tints for a personalised look for their spaces.

Protection against Harmful UV Rays

When UV rays enter into the indoor space through windows, they not only turn the temperature higher, but also damage furniture, carpet, curtains, and almost anything that the light falls on. The spiked indoor temperature results in increased use of air conditioners, resulting in bigger energy bills. That’s the reason it has become a necessity for homeowners and businesses to opt for window tints that block the sunlight from entering the indoor space.

Andres Mobile Tinting offers guaranteed results with its UV protective window tints, which is the reason the company has become a leader in the market. When asked about their tinting services, the spokesperson went on to say, “We have been working in this field for over 25 years now. The extensive experience that we have has given us an edge over others, making us the go-to mobile tinting company in the Gold Coast.”

He further added, “Our films and tints are extremely high quality, which is the reason we offer lifetime residentially warranty for them, giving our clients complete peace of mind and satisfaction. We also offer a range of other types of tinting services including frosted, decorative, safety, and car window tinting on the Gold Coast.”

The mobile tinting company offers its customers relief from the harmful UV rays that often result in damage to their belongings and waste of money. Their films are designed to protect glass from shattering, allowing people to save themselves from life-threatening injuries.

About the Company

Andres Mobile Tinting has specialised in window tinting since 1988. This is a family owned and operated business with experts that provide high-quality tinting materials for homes, offices, restaurants, etc. Their window films are made to prevent harmful UV rays from entering homes.

Contact Information

Phone Number: 1800 885 464