iTivia Technologies, an overseas business powerhouse that has served elite customers is glad to enhance its portfolio by launching B2B marketing services.

Online PR News – 25-July-2016 – Pune - Maharashtra – iTivia Technologies is a pioneer company offering a complete range of business processes both voiced and non-voiced for mid-sized to large enterprises globally. Realizing the need and demand for B2B marketing support, the company has decided to launch upon this new venture to enable clients to get all kinds of services under a single roof.

B2B marketing is indirect marketing where the product is not sold directly to the customer. Hence, we focus on two important issues in B2B marketing, namely price and profits. B2B marketing is confined to business houses; hence we maintain the serious professional touch devoid of emotions and inclinations.

B2B customers are mostly companies that use products for further processing like sheets of steel, panels etc. in construction companies, schools, hospitals, companies that resell their goods to consumers like retailers, dealers, whole sellers and Government agencies, banks etc.

iTivia will be undertaking B2B marketing services like identification of those few potential customers, setting practical criteria like quality of products, pricing of products, considering risk factors, conducting market surveys, product development, training staff and developing customer relationships.

There is no single strategic solution for B2B marketing; the nature of goods and services differ, the number of stages in the buyer chain differs and the size of companies differs, so the same strategy cannot be successful in each case. At iTivia, we are selective about strategies and employ those that suit your needs and expectations.

We don’t just generate leads, but we guide them with the help of 4 main online channels: email marketing, search marketing, social marketing and content marketing.

The golden rule is to experiment with different strategies relentlessly. Patience and efforts are required. Old strategies lose effects with passing time. Innovation on the part of companies is the best way to survive in the B2B lead generation industry.

B2B marketing solutions are offered by a number of companies these days and it is worthwhile to assign the task to experts. The companies manage data, track customers and help to generate B2B leads successfully. iTivia Technologies offers B2B lead generation services along with a number of other services and solutions for success and growth in business. B2B marketing success doesn’t come from broadcasting a product over radio or television. B2B marketing success comes from embedding your company in the industry. B2B marketing must be focuses and planned.iTivia Technologies ensures tapping all resources forB2B marketing so that the right people are targeted at the right time.

We invite you to partner with us and boost your B2B business, ensuring growth and development. We request you to browse our website www. iTivia for detailed information, costs and special offers.