About Internet Marketing Launches Personalized Coaching Service Focused On Internet Marketing Tools

The Internet Marketing experts at About Internet Marketing have launched a new service to help both novice and seasoned Internet Marketers navigate the increasingly cloudy waters surrounding the use of Internet Marketing tools to achieve high search engine rankings.

Online PR News – 20-October-2010 – – Against the backdrop of a seemingly never ending influx of Internet Marketing tools and services that promise search engine ranking success but fail to deliver, the experts at About Internet Marketing have launched an honest, credible and proven coaching service to help newcomers and experts realize success by focusing on the basics. While the rest of the market offers tools and services that have become incredibly complex and more reliant on tricks, About Internet Marketing is committed to helping Internet Marketers succeed by going back to the basics, and performing them well by employing proven Internet Marketing Tools.

Success in the Internet Marketing landscape is becoming progressively more difficult to realize, and with each passing day, a new system seems to materialize out of nowhere, promising great results with minimal effort. Regretfully, the system often fails to measure up to its hype and customers are left wondering if the fault lies with the system itself or with the manner in which they have implemented it. The end result is a failed endeavor, and in truth, the Internet Marketing community is littered with tales of failed pursuits as one system after another have preyed upon the community, pouncing upon its eagerness to realize success online. Thankfully, there are honest purveyors of Internet Marketing tools out there, and equally important, there are coaching services that help Internet Marketers select the right set of tools to help with their particular circumstances.

Internet Marketing tools have long been seen as necessary means to an end in the Internet Marketing world, and because of that, Internet Marketers have gone to great lengths to acquire what they perceive to be the latest and greatest, failing to pause for a moment to fully evaluate exactly what it is that they are getting themselves into. Moreover, many such tools often hype their accompanying support, promising frequent updates to ensure that the tool remains relevant as the Internet landscape changes. While this seems to be a logical and indeed desirable unique selling proposition, the reality is that the old adage holds true here, that there is no such thing as a free lunch. In exchange for the updates, customers often have to commit to monthly fees, and the end result is that the customer effectively is leasing the product on a monthly basis, rather than making a onetime purchase.

Truthfully, there are no absolutes in the Internet Marketing world, and as such, tools must change to keep up with the times, as the environment around which they operate is in constant flux. Having said that, not all tools are sold with monthly commitments, and not all Internet Marketing Tools are as effective at producing results, regardless of the payment model. Given the constant flow of Internet Marketing Tools to the market, it is no wonder that both novices and veterans in the industry are facing difficulty with differentiating hype from the real thing. This is where a coaching service takes over, and About Internet Marketing provides such a service. "We have a clarity of vision grounded in our conviction that more can be realized from less, and our large number of satisfied clients can attest to the fact that with our service, they have learned to get the most from their Internet Marketing tools," notes Darrell Lischka, the founder and the brains behind About Internet Marketing.

About internet marketing specializes in giving people the knowledge and techniques on how to rank a website on page 1 in 3 easy to follow steps by using the right internet marketing tools.

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