World’s 1st music messaging App (what ordinary radio stations cannot do) Exclusive invite

Sharebunk App, the world’s 1st social messaging App that streams nonstop music, users can rate while it connects music lovers across the world.

Online PR News – 25-July-2016 – Ikeja/Lagos – Music is a tradition in virtually all cultures of the world, as far back as when the world around the Mediterranean Sea was all that was known, according to history. As man’s knowledge grew and realized that the world is Spherical in shape, so also Music evolved. Today, banging hot beats are crafted by talented producers and millions across the world are excited by them.

This group of Individuals, also known as music lovers is made up of regular ordinary people –You and I - so music should be enjoy together. This is why Sharebunk App was invented.

Sharebunk App is the world’s 1st social messaging App that streams nonstop music, users can rate while it connects music lovers across the world. In addition it provides information about their neighborhood via local radio channels and allows discovery of new music from new or budding Artists.

Sharebunk, got its name from the Idea that friends online can live like they are roommates in a school hostel and do regular stuffs like sharing contacts, a Stereo system, pictures, videos and possibly files. The word “Bunk” which means different things to different people, popularly also refers to a shelter, enclosure or house.

However, asides connecting music lovers, Sharebunk App is designed to promote upcoming, emerging or budding Artists from around the world for FREE so these Talents may be discovered and also receive instant feedback from listeners -what ordinary radio stations cannot do- across the world. Budding artists can visit our website to learn how they can submit their songs for sharing.

Sharebunk app’s amazing features include;

1) Instant Messaging: - Users can exchange direct messages and make free call with their friends and family who have signed up on the network. They can also share multimedia files and documents.

2) Timeline: - This allows Picture, video and text sharing on a wall with users’ friends or with the Public –everyone on the app – and thus, enable all users to interact and make new friends.

3) Local Online Radio: - This feature allows user to have access to all the online radio channels airing from your Geolocation or country, in order to provide you with local updates

4) Music Player: - This is super exciting because it streams non-stop music you can rate, pause and download from our servers at 320kbps (mp3 quality). Here you can discover new Talents, songs and give feedback.

The thing is, users decide what songs keeps streaming, which one is deleted from our servers or which is downloadable, simply by rating. Other exciting stuffs will be streamed as well, like DJ party mix etc. others will be discovered when the App is available in stores.

At the moment, Sharebunk App will be available on Android and iPhone platforms; they will be available for Beta testing soon.

Support Sharebunk App and get a special invite to test the App as first users before it goes public. Sharebunk App Crowdfunding campaign starts on 27th July, 2016 and will only last for 37days.

There are wonderful and exciting 1st user perks as well as invite tickets to the Sharebunk launch Party where all high rated Artists on the App will perform live, on stage. Help make Sharebunk App happen. Support through