Bellissa Amenities Introduces Ayurvedic Massage Treatments, exclusively for women

FemaleAdda is a total solutions provider, delivering basic feminine requirements on a single platform. This portal will be further expanding to pan India level

Online PR News – 24-July-2016 – Noida – Noida, Uttar Pradesh July 22, 2016, - Bellissa Feminine Amenities has launched Ayurvedic Massage treatments on their online web portal, India's largest platform for Beauty, Fashion and wellness services dedicated to women in Delhi and NCR region .The Ayurvedic massage treatments- addresses the issue of body pain and provides body relaxation. It circulates, stimulates and strengthens the lymphatic system further cleanse and revitalize the body.
In Faced Paced Life Giving Relaxation to the body is one of the most difficult tasks. The stressful and tiresome life, not only lead to fatigue, but it also lead to health issues. Treating your body with Ayurvedic treatments to relieve entire week stress is quite helpful. Ayurvedic massages are one such way which completely revives your mind, body, and soul. It works on the philosophy of Balancing body, Mind, and Soul. The whole process involves understanding the inner self, diet, exercises, massages and other holistic therapies.
Spa treatments and Ayurvedic treatment both provide relaxation, therapeutic relief, calmness from muscular and nervous tensions. But ayurvedic treatments have a deeper effect on your body. The main focus of Ayurvedic treatment is to ease and remove toxins from the body and mind. These therapies are performed using warm aroma oils and herbs which are customized according to the client need. This provides best result in form deep cleansing, rejuvenating effect on client .The main focus of ayurvedic treatment is to provide relaxation in order to assist the natural cleansing process with specifics, techniques, and oils.
Official Announcement of Femaleadda stated “Our online portal is addressed to all basic feminine amenities. Ayurvedic Massage treatments are one of the most popular Body massages women asks for in India. Working women who have to work 6 days a week as well as housewives who do all the household chores through the year suffers from body pain. We provide all types ayurvedic Massage Treatments to ease you from muscular and nervous tensions. Femaleadda is a trusted platform for finding affordable and reliable body massages treatment services in your locality. Users get an option to review and rate the services on the website so that the centers and professionals delivering best services get recommendation openly, which makes it easier for them to attract new users. It also saves service providers from overcrowding and lets them attend to their customers individually and properly”. Payment can be done before or after the services are received. Appointments can be changed, canceled or updated in real time, and users and the service providers get a confirmation text message for the same. The appointments can be booked through the website or the app. The service providers can manage their account on the website through their credentials or can ask the company staff to update it on their behalf.