Feenix Language Translations Service Company offering Various Services

Feenix Language Solution is a global provider of intensive translation to the life sciences industry. been delivering medical communication & Language Solution

Online PR News – 22-July-2016 – Bangalore – Feenix Language Translations Service Company offering Various Services
Clinical Trials
Feenix Language Solution is a global provider of intensive translation to the life sciences industry. We have been delivering medical communication & Language Solution to leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices and other healthcare institutions and corporations.
This is an exciting time for the Medical Translation Service and Healthcare industries with new market opportunities opening up in regions across the globe. Feenix Language Solution understands the needs of our clients within the Medical Translation Service and Healthcare Sectors and the challenges they face every day, including being able to communicate complex Clinical trials and product information across multiple languages in each region.
Feenix Language Solution understands that for an accurate translation of current medical terminology it is not enough to be just a competent translator. Language experts must also have certificates, accreditations and degrees in particular medical fields, including cardiology, dentistry, endocrinology, toxicology, neurology, pediatrics, dermatology, pharmacology, plastic surgery, psychiatry and many other fields.
Our Medical Translation Service team has extensive experience providing for clients across:
• Pharmaceutical
• Medical Devices
• Healthcare
• Biotech
• Contract Research
Our team of highly trained specialists can cope with medical documents of any size and complexity such as clinical study reports, insurance claims, product description and data sheets, patient information and history record, product licensing and patents, medical certificates, brochures, catalogs and marketing materials, medical equipment instruction manuals, etc. All translated documentation goes through our multi-stage quality control process which includes error correction, editing and proof-reading before we deliver the final copy.
Clinical Trials or clinical study is a scientific study of how a new medicine or treatment works in people. Through clinical studies, doctors find new and better ways to prevent, detect, diagnose, control, and treat illnesses.
Feenix Language Solution specialised area of marketing translation not just about translating the text into the target language, it’s about conveying the correct marketing message in the target language. There can also be cultural issues and issues of tone and writing style to be taken into account. Marketing translations are therefore often quite lateral, and need a certain specialised approach on the part of the translator.
Below marketing translation is therefore as follows:
Translators are native of the target language, and either in-country or have close regular links with the country. To ensure up to date language and correct style.
We use specialist translators for marketing translations who have experience of translating this type of text.
We consult clients on the intended target audience, this isn’t only about language, for example are you aiming to reach the general public, academia, a specific social class or age demographic.
Banking, Accounting and Insurance Translation
Feenix Language Solution invites you to taking advantage of the of our translators and our consultants who specialize in verbal and written translations in the areas of finance, banking, accounting and insurance. The experience of our trained staff and the worked out logistics of ensure that projects accomplished in cooperation with Feenix Language Solution meet the highest quality standards in terms of correctness, as well as service.
Types of specializations and documents:
Association financing
Business plan
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