"Exit Plan"" -Matt Drudge Purchases Bunker in Phoenix - A Conversation of Scriptural ""Strategic Rel

Matt Drudge invested $1.9 million on a Camelback Mountain mansion in Phoenix. While this reveals a concern for security, maybe we need to consider something m

Online PR News – 22-July-2016 – SC – Matt Drudge invested $1.9 million on a Camelback Mountain mansion in Phoenix. While this demonstrates to a concern for security, perhaps we must think about something more like Joel Skousen's view, away from high population areas.Some survival prepares offer information that boggles the mind with intricacy, however that doesn't need to be the focus for Christians.The internet uses the acronym, TEOTWAWKI to indicate "completion of the world as we understand it," and we recall the disciples asking Christ about that in Matthew 24 and Mark 13. Christ's response is something most Christians overlook. He said, "when you see the 'abomination of desolation ... standing where it ought not ... run away to the mountains." Mark 13:14. Early followers comprehended His reference to the abomination as military, when the Roman army came, they got away Jerusalem and were spared the siege by Titus who came later on.Because Christ blended the signs of Jerusalem's destruction with completion of the world, we need to think about compliance now instead of wait for things to come down, as His words suggest-- it may mean a difference in destiny.Let's take a look at what His followers understood that spared them. When they saw military, "standing where it ought not," they got away to rural or remote areas.Do we see military standing where it ought not? How about the militarization of our police with armored cars and automated weapons? Type "militarization" into Google and it completes the rest to offer us posts with graphics.How many preachers in the cities are overlooking Christ's words? It's a shame that pastors may be more thinking about keeping their congregations as a source of income than they are in providing Bible warnings.On the other hand, if we see trouble and do not provide a caution, their blood is on our hands, Ezekiel 33:6. This being so, it's time to refocus from remote area aliens as well as illegal foreign aliens, to a place where we may go when martial law is stated.Paul stated, "Follow me as I follow Christ," and on this point, I can say similarly. I'm surviving on a gravel roadway in an Arizona town that has no bank or authorities department, simply one exit up the interstate from a supermarket and I already have green proof of life in the garden. Using styrofoam window security, we used no a/c last summertime and only small plug-in apple discussions macbook pro retina radiators for part-time heat in the winter.If I lived in the city, I would think about getting a loan against my house to obtain cash and if the economy crashes, use the cash for lease in a rural location. If you do not have loved ones or buddies whom you might go to, consult rural real estate representatives.