Family Safety Inspired app available in the appstores

Family Safety Inspired app available in the appstores

Online PR News – 22-July-2016 – Shenzhen,GuangDong – Security and safety has become a big issue nowadays, family members and friends are looking for ways through which they can know each other’s whereabouts. Constant calls, texts, emails are sent with friends and relatives keeping each other tracking. This is all in the name of establishing their whereabouts, and whether they are safe. For parents, a child’s safety and security is part of parenting, this is more so if a child is suffering from a condition that keeps the parents worried about where the child is. An app that makes it easy to track a family member or friend and know their whereabouts has been launched. While launching the app, the developer was quick to add that this is not a privacy intruding app, it is meant to ensure that your relative or friend is safe, as we are living in troubled times, where kidnappings, accidents and other incidents keeps us worried all the time,”

The app is intended for families as a tool that can help in times emergencies. “Many are times when we have heard in the news that a family member is lost and cannot be traced; the app helps in tracking the movements. We have also heard of cases where people who are suffering from some conditions such as diabetes, ADHD get unconscious or lost and family members cannot trace them, this app is meant to help during emergencies,” said the app developer when explaining the benefits that app users will derive from using the Funa GPS Cell Phone Tracker.

The app has received a huge reception with more than 400k downloads since its launch, a few months ago. The developers anticipate that it will hit a one million mark before the end of September.

About Funa App
The idea behind Funa was born when leader of the team, stepped into the world of parenthood and began to be more aware of the potential dangers that exist around his two children as they grew into the schooling age.