React Native for Cross-platform App Development on Universal Windows Platform is here

Agility, spontaneity and security – adjectives that best define React Native and factors that are gaining the Java-based platform popularity.

Online PR News – 21-July-2016 – 203-205 Kalasagar Mall, Satadhar Crossroad, Ghatlodiya, Ahmedabad-380061 Gujarat, India. – React technology has been around for over two years and with regular inputs from the developers’ community and Facebook’s initiative the platform has now become fully-functional and exceptionally efficient for mobile app development. The JavaScript language and provision for using standard native platform components, has made React Native the easiest platform to work with to develop cross-platform application for Android iOS and recently, Windows Phone too.

The use of native component allows developers to retain the look-and-feel of native applications, while enabling simultaneous development for multiple platforms. In the F8 2016 conference, Microsoft and Facebook announced the availability of React for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Henceforth, developers can launch their React-based hybrid application on Android, iOS and any Windows 10 devices simultaneously.

In addition to the core React Native tools, Microsoft is also providing open source tools to developers. Windows app developers can now use React Native extension for Visual Studio Code and use Code Push for updating apps directly on user device. The new platform has sped building and deployment of applications.

App developers can declare the UI using JavaScript and React while the framework translates React DOM from JavaScript to method calls for view managers on native platforms. React Native’s provision for using the distinct features and capabilities of individual platforms helps Windows retain its individuality in the application.

Currently, initial platform support can be availed on Github repository, additional capabilities will be available henceforth as developers’ community begin contributing.

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