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Since the last edition of DNA Sequencing Equipment and Services report, the market has been changing in unpredictable ways as second-generation sequencers are being incrementally introduced and upgraded.

Online PR News – 24-September-2009 – – On the surface, the situation has become somewhat linear and predictable, but biotech analyst Justin Saeks explains, it is actually a unique and relatively volatile situation that is not seen often with life science tools markets. Third-generation systems have the potential to completely change the market, or to simply join the pack.

Revenue growth has been unusually high, and all of the trends seem to indicate that growth will continue in the near term. It is likely that completely new technologies will be introduced at least every year or two, while second-generation sequencer improvements also continue. In biotech analyst Justin Saek's 2nd edition of DNA Sequencing Equipment and Services Markets, these changes are detailed and put in context, along with the following:

* DNA Sequencer Revenues by Industry and by Leading Systems
* Forecast of Sequencer Revenues to 2014
* Review of Important Sequencers and Comparison of Features and Drawbacks.
* Profiles of Major Companies in the Marketplace
* Affymetrix and Illumina Settlement and other Significant Litigation in the Industry
* Major Industry Deals since 2008, Review of Deals 05-07, and Analyst Commentary
* Over 70 Figures and Tables making market information accessible
* Review of Major Deals and Litigation affecting the marketplace.
* Review of Technologies Under Development
* Discussion of Funding Sources and Recent Grant Awardees
* Strategic Recommendations for Companies Operating in the DNA Sequencing Market

DNA Sequencing Equipment and Service Markets represents research culled from a variety of secondary sources. But the true insights originated from interviews with market experts; these interviews were used to confirm numbers and test forecast assumptions.

Companies profiled in the report include:

* 454 Life Sciences / Roche
* Applied Biosystems / Life Technologies
* Beckman Coulter (Fullerton, CA)
* GE Healthcare Life Sciences
* Helicos Biosciences
* Illumina / Solexa
* LI-COR Biosciences (Lincoln, NE)

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