Mediander Unveils Content Enhancement Service for VOD and OTT Providers

Mediander finds that by supplementing VOD and OTT video content with additional information, cable and VOD platforms can increase customer engagement

Online PR News – 20-July-2016 – New York, NY – Today, Mediander announces the launch of its content enhancement API service for VOD and OTT providers. Mediander’s API is based on proprietary algorithms that deliver complementary content for VOD and OTT services based on context and connections. This information can then be presented to the end user in an easy-to-use visual format to enhance any content platform. Mediander’s technology allows consumers to find relevant information and videos related to existing movies and TV shows, and discover additional content. The service keeps consumers engaged on VOD platforms longer, thereby increasing the likelihood of a rental or purchase.

The Mediander Experience
Based on our research, in a typical VOD environment, the user encounters basic information and a poor user experience. But, with the addition of Mediander’s API, the consumer has access to a wealth of complementary information: a full description of the movie, profiles of the actors and the director, related films and more. Furthermore, Mediander’s unique “Connection” text gives users valuable trivia and background information.
The Mediander API also provides the consumer with additional video content about the movie, including the trailer, clips, behind-the-scenes footage, celebrity interviews and fan films. Together, these elements combined become the differentiating factor that increases user engagement and improves the likelihood of purchases. In fact, market research shows that 86 percent of respondents are more likely to rent or purchase VOD content after having seen additional information about it.

“We long ago had a sense that VOD, cable and OTT consumers wanted more immersive, complementary content than typical platforms provide,” said Mediander President and CEO Michael J. Fine. “Now market research, plus the demonstrated interest from the industry, proves our initial instinct is correct. We know that our API can be implemented to keep consumers on VOD platforms longer, which increases potential revenue.”

About Mediander
Mediander, a leading firm for relevant content enhancement in a digital world, provides complementary information from a variety of sources via an API for VOD and OTT platforms. This additional information has the power to increase customer engagement, improve retention, reduce churn and boost revenue. Mediander’s API consists of proprietary algorithms that use content-based, semantic search technology. Mediander is owned by Mediander, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fine Creative Media, based in New York, NY. For more information, visit