Pop Artist MOZ Debuts His New Single "The Glory" At Opening Night Of RNC

Artist tapped to perform at Republican Convention

Online PR News – 20-July-2016 – New York City – The Committee on Arrangements (COA) has tapped new pop artist MOZ to perform opening night and debut his highly-anticipated new single "THE GLORY" in front of a

worldwide audience. Viewers and the audience inside the Q Arena will witness one of the most passionate performances ever to take place at a political convention. It's

an incredibly moving story that will resonate with Americans immediately bringing about a feeling of strength, understanding and a passionate will to keep going. The

lyrics are MOZ's own story and catchy in a way that will have audiences singing along immediately. Backed by a local choir and an award winning band, MOZ is set to

perform opening night around 8 p.m. EST.

Make no doubt that "THE GLORY" will elevate the collaborative spirit of all Americans during a time when the nation is in turmoil and many struggle to find their own

way. It's an emotional song about never giving up. Soon to be considered America's new pop music anthem, the song was written and produced by Matthew MOZ Jenkins.

MOZ has been writing and performing music all of his life. A New Jersey native who at 12 years old lost his father and then his home to fire, learned that expressing

his emotions through music was a better path to take than the streets. Often described as a prot of Grammy award-winning producer Rodney Jerkins, MOZ writes from

real-life experiences combined with a true sense of lyrical magic that resonates with fans instantaneously. "THE GLORY" is a song about pride, strength and a will to

be the best like America.

MOZ will also perform another new single off of his upcoming release called "Sweet Heaven," a song that singles a strong message of promise.
"My music is always an emotional journey for me and my lyrics are my story. Even in the hardest of times I never gave up and I used my music to express myself. "THE

GLORY" is for America, it's for the fans and it's for everyone listening who may need to be reminded that you never have to give up." --- MOZ

Media is invited to request an abbreviated download of the song for coverage. Interviews, on-set appearances and performances with MOZ also available. Following Monday

night, "THE GLORY" is predicted to set record downloads and is available via iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/matthew-moz-jenkins/id791874587. Official

website is http://www.mozmuzic.com/. Connect with MOZ at https://twitter.com/BIGMOZ, https://soundcloud.com/moz-27, http://www.imgrum.net/user/1moz_/1819276103

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