Author Sends Shockwave In Writing About the 'Aftermath of Divorce' Pre-Launches Website with a Bang

Divorcee author, Patti Zona, sends shockwave in writing a book about the "aftermath of divorce" pre-launches a website with a bang!

Online PR News – 20-July-2016 – Minneapolis, MN – Author Patti Zona proudly announced the launching of her new website that brings her book "The Value of a Homemaker/Little Cottage House" closer to people who struggles the painful feelings of betrayal, injustice, ambition, and sacrifice.

Her book opens the reality of ending a marriage is complicated by numerous substantial problems, many of which can seem overwhelming. The memoir , The Value of a Homemaker, published by Xlibris Press in 2009, takes her reader to the vicious cycle of the corporate world and shares insights into why and how marriages become at risk when priorities are eschewed.

As he became more and more successful Rick changed. He had totally removed himself from his feelings. Our marriage felt more like a business than a loving marriage.

The book reflect in-your-face account on her everyday struggles while married to Rick Zona whom she divorced after 28 years of marriage in 1991. Her daunting reflection, "As he became more and more successful Rick changed. He had totally removed himself from his feelings. Our marriage felt more like a business than a loving marriage."

Adjusting one's life simultaneously to familial, financial, and social change requires a lot of energy. Patti Zona's book "The Value of a Homemaker/Little Cottage House" gives the readers an insight to the importance of understanding just to be able to deal with these changes.

Whether or not you are the one making the call that your marriage is over, divorce is painful. It takes most people months or years to come to terms with these feelings. But, if done to prolong and control-- the agony can affect your life in ways never expected. So, stay healthy in mind, body and spirit.

With the launching of the new website, the author's desire to spread the message of courage and hope is inevitable. The upcoming website will surely match the author’s reader expectations and the promise of what her book delivers.

About the author:
Patti Zona, born in Neptune, New Jersey. Life was challenging even when she was growing up. Still, she persevered. She always felt fortunate having loving sisters and brothers. She would marry at a young age, incorporating her love of the arts, music and dance into her home, family for her children. She found her gifts and talents a way to express and release in her life. She and her husband would achieve tremendous success in their marriage. Their difference complimented. She was the heart of the family. He was driven by his successes. Until, one too many. They would divorce after many years, but not a typical divorce. Her life would be on hold for years. Yet, during this time, her volunteer work at the Crisis Center, the Nursery Crisis Center and as a Guardian Ad litem was her way of trying to make a better difference. Finally her experiences too vast - on and off court, she was compelled to write - to enlighten, inspire and awaken the consciousness - to regain dignity and real reason and purpose to be recognized through knowing the truths in our experiences. We all can make a better difference.


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