Announcing Release 6 of 6SigmaDC: Future Facilities Simulation Software Maximises Data Centre

6Sigma DC Release 6 enables better capacity planning and management of data centre space, power and cooling resources, through simulation, predictive modelling and real time view of the critical environment.

Online PR News – 19-October-2010 – – London, UK, October 19, 2010 -- Future Facilities breaks new ground with the introduction of Release 6 of its 6SigmaDC ( ) data centre design and operations software suite. Hassan Moezzi, CEO, Future Facilities said, "Release 6 enables better management of data centre design, cabinet layout and equipment updates, so that physical constraints and efficiency can be maximised and the lifecycle of critical facilities extended. 6SigmaDC ensures that IT equipment can be deployed with full confidence that power, cooling, rack space and connectivity requirements can all be met."

Release 6 of 6SigmaDC greatly simplifies the task of modelling complex facilities, as well as providing a broader toolset for on-going data centre management. In addition, software tools for IT equipment design (6SigmaET) have been further developed so that the detailed models produced by the application can also be used at room scale to simulate and manage airflow in racks and rows.

The 6SigmaDC software suite comprises a range of applications including 6SigmaRack, ( ) 6SigmaRoom ( ) and 6SigmaFM ( ). The software is used to develop a detailed 3-dimensional Virtual Facility©, within which power usage, equipment configurations, thermal behaviours and other important design variables can be accurately modelled and evaluated before physical implementation.

Release 6 Enables Better Capacity Realisation, Risk Free:
Important new features of 6SigmaDC Release 6 include 6SigmaExchange, which adds the capability to integrate any Data Centre Integrated Management (DCIM) application, monitoring software, and/ or building management system (BMS) tool with the Virtual Facility. This effectively provides a 'live' model and, for the first time, engineering/ facilities can work side-by-side with IT operations to manage the data centre as a single, integrated system.

The 6SigmaITM and 6SigmaFM tools also make it easy to investigate install requests that may have previously exceeded the blanket design limits of the facility. With comprehensive analysis tools and extension of the cooling capacity tests to include zonal limits, it is now possible to allow for more flexible installation. Adjusting cooling limits and load capacity on a case-by-case basis can allow better utilisation of physical capacities without compromising IT equipment or operational integrity.

Pro-active airflow and cooling management is made easier and more practical, allowing data centre managers to control cooling system efficiency, ensure IT availability, reduce annual operating costs and realise the full design capacity of the facility.

The 6SigmaITM interface has been remodelled and extended to make it easy for IT professionals to view the facility and propose changes to the IT configuration. These changes can now be based on quantitative data about the facility including space, power, cooling, network and weight considerations - all of which are available to view at the click of a button.

More Detailed IT Equipment Design with 6SigmaET:
The second major release of 6SigmaET ( ) adds more functionality to the state of the art CFD simulation tool for designing and packaging electronic components and systems. A key feature enables the detailed models constructed with 6SigmaET to be imported directly into 6SigmaRack for cabinet configuration and updates. This creates a more realistic and therefore accurate model for room scale simulations, enabling better placement and utilisation of rack capacity and cooling provision.

The new release also allows for more complex thermal modelling including liquid cooling components such as pumps, ducts and pipe work. More detailed modelling is enabled through the addition of 2R and Detailed model options. In addition, users can opt to model using a simple average PCB or more complex, multi layer substrates which can be refined and upgraded as the design progresses.

Modelling Enhancements Bring the Virtual Facility Even Closer to Real Life:
Specific improvements have also been made to address ease of use, making the modelling process more straightforward. 6SigmaRoom now supports far more detailed internal ACU modelling, bringing far more realistic airflow characteristics to the Virtual Facility models. Ducts with Circular or rectangular cross-sections are now simple to include, even when flow is required inside them. These ducts have the full capability of the originals, allowing vents, transition pieces and branches to be added as required.

The inclusion of new objects, such as internal walls, lights on walls, rotated raised floors and roof panels, allows the user to create a Virtual Facility model that is more representative of real life than ever before.

6SigmaDC's huge library of detailed vendor specific equipment and cabinet models has been further enhanced by the introduction of equipment catalogues. Cabinets can now be made up from a catalogue of readymade parts, bringing consistency and variety to the user in a far simpler package.

The 6SigmaNetwork model now allows the 6SigmaFM model to include the full connectivity of the IP network, and a new auto-routing feature decides the best route for new cables. To learn more about Release 6 of 6SigmaDC and how it can help increase data centre availability and efficiency please call the company on 0207 840 9540 or visit

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