48 Hour Cash Club Beta Run Earned Members Up to $600 in Less Than Two Days

Beta Run Earned Members Thousand Of Dollars, Full Version On Its Way To A Worldwide Release

Online PR News – 19-October-2010 – – Online marketing is not as easy as it sounds –at least that is what most people would claim. And yes, it is no easy task to instantly become a cash cow.

But author Vick S thinks differently. On October 19, 2010, he is releasing the full version of the program that has gathered popular demand during its Beta release.

Dubbed the 48 Hour Cash Club, the new program is primarily designed to guide users into generating $ 600 dollars or more within two days! And a high potential of making a million dollars in only a year!

This is the same program which has bestowed financial success to hundreds of users in the past. And what they used then was merely the Beta version.

Observing its positive results, Vick S decided to re-release the system. This time around, it will be more complete with more features and updated techniques and methods.

The idea is simple. If the Beta version, which is incomplete and still somewhat immature, reaped positive feedbacks, then the complete version will perform more convincingly.

And to make the program equally useful to every user, Vick S the developer of 48 Hour Cash Club designed it in such a way that "even complete beginners can efficiently use the new system".

And not only is the strategies of the club simple and easy to use, but Vick S also provided a multitude of tutorial videos that explains everything in astounding detail. No beginner will go wayward.

With this kind of status, the 48 Hour Cash Club was dubbed as “the easiest money-getting club online”.

And with the results it has already shown during its Beta run which helped hundreds of people earn thousands of dollars, the worldwide release of the full version on October 19, 2010 is causing quite a sensation.

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