Claria Clean Sponsoring Active Shooter Training Course at City Garden School August 1

Approximately 40 teachers and staff will be in attendance for the training session, which includes a walk-through training and coaching session in the school.

Online PR News – 20-July-2016 – ST. LOUIS – Claria Clean, a commercial restoration and cleaning company, is partnering with Command-Solutions, a local leading provider of crisis management planning and training for businesses, and Matt Stark from The Stark Insurance Agency to provide an active shooter training course at City Garden School on Mon., August 1.

Approximately 40 teachers and staff will be in attendance for the training session, which will include a walk-through training and coaching session for each classroom in the facility. The topic of this training session will focus upon dangerous and/or violent intruders and active shooter situations in a school environment.

Staff members will learn how to recognize a potential threat and will know the appropriate steps to take in order to ensure their safety and the safety of others in the school.

“We are proud to partner with both Claria Clean and Command-Solutions to hold this training course,” said Stark. “Unfortunately, we live in times in which a violent intruder or an active shooter can become a reality in our workplaces and our schools. We believe that organizations, including schools, should be prepared to handle this life-threatening event, and our aim is that this course will help the school’s teachers and staff do just that.”

Claria Clean was founded in 2006 and started out providing janitorial and cleaning services to commercial buildings. The company discovered that when disasters or emergencies struck, clients often did not have a plan in place and were not aware of whom to call. Claria Clean is now dedicated to commercial restoration and recovery in the hopes that businesses will lessen the damage to their buildings and be able to continue business with less downtime from the smallest emergency to the biggest disaster.

For more information about Claria Clean or the active shooter training course, please call (636) 887-0260 or visit