100 Bitcoin Websites Launched as a Collective Advertising Platform For Bitcoin Related Businesses

A collective advertising platform for all bitcoin or altcoin related business owners / bloggers / website owners has launched - limited to first 100 users

Online PR News – 18-July-2016 – Perth – 100BitcoinWebsites.com Launches as a Collective Advertising Platform

A new collective advertising platform, 100BitcoinWebsites.com announced the launch of their service for bitcoin or altcoin related business, website, blog, or referral link owners.

The platform serves as a collective advertising platform (directory) and utilizes the accumulated money earned from selling ‘slots’ to collectively advertise and promote the platform.

100BitcoinWebsites.com limits their advertising space (slots) to the first 100 users, which are to be sold over ten different rounds of slot sales.

Once slots are purchased, they are officially listed as sold with the owner’s profile linked to the slot, allowing owners of slots to freely edit or re-sell them to other users.

Director of 100BitcoinWebsites.com, Leon Song, said he was excited to launch this project and urged business owners to purchase slots quickly before the price increases.

“This is much like an homage to the million pixels idea but unique on its own in the sense that all the money earned from selling the ad-space are used to promote the platform itself, allowing a collective advertising effect,” said Mr. Song.

“The slots are limited to the first 100 users who purchase them and it is to be sold over 10 rounds of slot sales, each time with its price increased.”

More information about the project can be found on http://100BitcoinWebsites.com or simply follow @100BTCWebsites on Twitter.