IAPMS / DLP the Data Loss Prevention Cloud-Based Solution Announced

The most important role that a educational / health-care related entity performs is the protection of their students and customers PHI and PII information.

Online PR News – 17-July-2016 – Henderson, NV – The most important role that a health-care related entity performs is the protection of their customers and employees PHI and PII information.

DLP - Data Loss Prevention is a systematic approach to identifying, monitoring and protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data in motion, at rest or in use.

The Key to a Successful a DLP Program Implementation is a Robust Enterprise Security Data Classification Process and Tool Set enabling the management of data at risk.

Types of critical data at risk include: Intellectual Property / Trade Secrets, Corporate Strategy, Unreleased Financial Information, Personal Health Information PHI, System Data and Configuration Settings, Personally Identifiable Information PII, etc.

For an effective DLP Program it is necessary to have tools, guidelines and processes in place that manages information content, information formats, information risk levels and security levels. This also includes the 20+ data attribute that need to be identified to reduce potential liability.

IAPMS / DLP provide a service, at a reasonable cost - less than $ 20.00 / day, that helps to protect information and data breaches by:
• Integrating a centralized repository of all information assets and responsibilities
• Capturing and storing the metadata about that information asset
• Providing the ability to index, find and search for information assets
• Implementing auto-classification and information categorizations
• Monitoring information assurance and privacy
• Classifying information as to risk and impacts to the organization from unauthorized disclosures

Understanding, inventorying and managing your information assets can help reduce negative impacts to your Public Image, Customer Service, Competitive Position, Financial Impacts, Regulatory Requirements and Employee Morale.

IAPMS / DLP a secured cloud based easy to use application requiring no capital investment or any hardware / software installation.

To learn more go to our web site at www.iapms-home.com to get started.