Entrust New Direction IRA’s New Golden Health Savings Account Offers Gold Investment Opportunity

Leading self-directed retirement plan services firm, Entrust New Direction IRA has announced the launch of its new Golden Health Savings Account which allows clients to invest in gold.

Online PR News – 24-September-2009 – – LAFAYETTE, CO – Leading self-directed retirement plan services firm, Entrust New Direction is offering clients a chance to turn their funds to gold. The company has announced the launch of its newest product – the Golden Health Savings Account, which will allow the firm’s clients to invest their tax-deferred healthcare funds in gold.

An HSA, or a Health Savings Account, is a health plan that is quickly growing in popularity. It is a tax-sheltered plan that allows users to save funds for current and future healthcare expenses. An HSA offers flexibility, tax savings and allows investment options for the accumulating funds. Most plans offered by banks are limited to investments in bank-issued assets like CDs, with minimal returns. Investors have therefore expressed an interest in gold and precious metal investing and Entrust New Direction has responded with its new Golden Health Savings Account. Specially designed for ease of access, the New Direction Golden HSA opens the door to gold and other precious metals investments.

“Most Americans who own an HSA face a dilemma about investing their funds in an account that will grow and low-returns investment options offered by the banks are no longer enough. In a down economy, clients want to direct their funds into an investment option they can make the most of, and investing in metals can help them get the returns they are interested in”, says Catherine Wynne, President of Entrust New Direction IRA Inc.

Longer term investments in an HSA were originally popular only for those who delayed healthcare-related withdrawals so they could maximize tax-free growth of the account. However, more HSA owners are discovering that their HSA is still full of cash after paying healthcare expenses and have expressed an interest in plans allowing gold investments. Clients believe investing in gold and other precious metals is a smart option as precious metals are relatively liquid compared to other hard assets and are available in small increments. Most importantly however, precious metals offer a potential hedge against inflation which is an important concern for most consumers.

The Golden HSA offers clients the ability to establish an automatic purchase plan with precious metals dealers of their choice. For investors interested in hands-off investment, the Automatic Golden HSA Saver plan allows monthly, quarterly or annual automatic purchases of one type of coin or metal product, for a reduced transaction fee.

Golden HSAs are not limited to gold and precious metals. Different fees apply for non-precious metals assets. Entrust New Direction does not provide investment advice nor sell any investments, including precious metals. The plan owner makes all investment decisions for the Golden HSA. All earnings are tax-free and can be used for any qualified medical expenses like doctor visits, laser eye surgery, medicine and many more health related expenses. Non-qualifying distributions are subject to tax and potential penalties. Gold and other metals must be stored at a depository.
“Unlike any other health plans, HSA deposits are tax-deductible and all the earnings are tax-free when used for qualified medical expenses. Some clients use the HSA money to immediately pay for medical expenses, but many account holders allow the funds to grow so they can pay for any future medical expenses which occur, including during retirement,” concludes Wynne.

About Entrust New Direction IRA, Inc.:
Entrust New Direction, part of the Entrust Group, is a self-directed retirement plan services firm, providing self-directed plans since 1981 and educating the general public about self-directing funds into non-traditional investments such as real estate, gold, private placements, LLCs and others. Entrust New Direction IRA offers both tax-deferred and tax-free self-directed plans to help clients achieve their investment goals. Besides retirement plans, the company also offers self-directed plans to save for children's education, health savings and more. The firm has also made client education a top priority through classes, articles, and presentations.

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