Aditech Justlook’s Face Recognition System endures Face Postures

Aditech Justlook, a leading biometric face recognition system provider, encases a unique feature of tolerance to face postures. This feature is done to increase the rate of accuracy.

Online PR News – 19-October-2010 – – Aditech Justlook, a leading facial recognition system provider based in Ahmedabad, has a unique feature embedded in its product. Its face recognition system can tolerate rotation of head up to ten degrees at the time of making a transaction. This application is supplied all over India since years. Company has this feature integrated into the system because of user practices. It is observed that people enroll in a straight posture into the system. However, at the time of making a transaction they may find it difficult to get the exact posture back. This feature in the product enables the transaction to be carried out hassle-free.

It is observed that people enroll themselves into the machine in a straight face posture. However, at the time of transaction, their face may be tilted or rotated to some degrees. This is not done intentionally. Users may be talking on their mobile phone at the time of transaction. Or they might be in a hurry and may not give the right pose. Aditech Justlook’s biometric face recognition system has tolerance to such face postures. The device allows rotation of head up to ten degrees from frontal in each direction. No matter if the individual is nodded up or down, rotated right or left, or tilted right or left; device allows ten degrees of rotation, tilt, or nod.
High profile company official states, “We design our systems to make them as convenient to the clients as possible. This feature decreases the False Reject Rates (FRR). It increases the accuracy of the system and gives little hassles to the users.”

Another company executive remarks, “Our biometric face recognition has unique features which makes it different from the rest in the industry. Tolerance to various face postures is one amongst it.”

Aditech Justlook is a reputed supplier of face recognition system. It deals in various products like time attendance, visitor management, and access control. The company has been dealing in this product since a very long time. It claims to have an expertise in this field. It aims to makes its presence felt in the global market with the help of this technology. For more information on the company and its products, please visit: