Internet Sweepstakes Cafe's Will Create Hundreds of Jobs in Georgia

Internet cafe's provide entertainment, internet access and most importantly, jobs.

Online PR News – 28-October-2010 – – The Internet Sweepstakes Group (ISN) , a reputable and well-established company in the Internet Software industry, has recently announced their opening of new branches in Georgia. This reputable company has earned a topnotch stature as one of the best operators in the internet sweepstakes and gaming industry in the United States. As part of their expansion program, the company is looking at establishing (16) branches spread throughout Georgia. Three (3) in Macon, six (6) in Atlanta and surrounding counties and seven (7) in other counties in Georgia, with a estimated 4-7 employees expected to join the workforce for each branch. With dozens more locations currently under contract and expected to open within the coming months. With their impressive record of previous success, the new branches are also expected to become profitable and successful. Without a doubt, the Internet Sweepstakes Network (ISN) in Georgia will likely create another phenomenal result based on their current trends of success in other states.

The breakthrough of modern technological advancement such as the accessibility of computers and the internet has paved the way to the evolution of traditional sweepstakes into a more efficient and viral platform which leverages the power of the World Wide Web. The online Internet Sweepstakes is now taking the world by storm due to its accessibility and tamper and damage-proof nature. “A simple push button solution to a chance of winning a fortune online is such a no-brainer…” says company spokesman Casey Rooks. The Internet Sweepstakes Group (ISN) has become one of the leading companies to promulgate the business potential of internet sweepstakes café’s with a complimentary of an astounding 2500 web domains network. The group has headquarters in Ohio, Virginia, Florida, Texas and North Carolina and is actively promoting their services for sweepstakes gaming solutions for internet sweepstake’s cafes and gaming centers across the United States. Their “all in one” gaming solutions include state of the art internet sweepstakes systems, system server and softwares, business consulting, system training, phonetime system, internet terminals, internet system training, phonetime system training and internet business consulting, and many others.

Albeit the popular status of internet sweepstakes and online gaming, a speculation has been going around with regard to its legality due to the nature of the business. The question of whether or not online sweepstakes and gaming is considered “gambling” has become an infamous subject of debate and discussion across America, to which the Internet Sweepstakes Network has clarified and justified their legal status. According to the group, one of the crucial elements in gambling is called the “consideration” which means a player has to pay to enter a game. With internet sweepstakes, the players are not required to pay to enter the game. Thus, the group concludes based on this fact that internet sweepstakes , by the States definition, is not a form of gambling.

Furthermore, the recent expansion of the group in establishing internet sweepstakes in Georgia has also become a focal point for the group to further encourage internet sweepstakes cafes and gaming centers to commit a percentage of their earnings to charity. (Please see for more details) The Internet Sweepstakes Network is committed to not only providing an innovative business opportunity to entrepreneurs as well as promoting humanitarianism by giving a portion of their revenues to charity institutions.