Creative Business Services Provider Matches Writers with Clients

Outsourcing is simplified by leading business service provider JRL Solutions, which pairs its writers with its clients while ensuring every part of the process goes smoothly to provide professional results.

Online PR News – 18-October-2010 – – Both expert freelancers and professional business clients often find that the results they expected from a freelance job are not met. Freelancers find that changes are made to payment agreements or that the agreements are not honored altogether, whereas some clients are disappointed by the quality of work that is provided by unsupervised independent freelancers. This is especially the case with business oriented writing, where both sides to freelance transactions have found that supervision and management of the process are necessary for satisfaction and success.

In order to satisfy this need for proper management and supervision, and to match the right writer with the job that is best suited for her, expert and experienced freelance writer Joy R. Lynskey has founded JRL Solutions ( JRL Solutions is a firm which provides expert business writing solutions for clients of all sizes and types, by inviting the best freelancers to join its bank of talent so that Mrs. Lynskey and her team of experts can choose and assign the writer who can best fulfill a particular client’s needs.

Mrs. Lynskey and the JRL team also take the responsibility of polishing and editing the freelancer’s work. After all, human nature is such that a freelancer working alone, as professional as she is, may not notice a minor spelling, grammatical or stylistic error that can be corrected very quickly once another professional proofreads her writing.

This process, as well as the sales effort and collections assistance that JRL provides for its writers, means that freelance writers are guaranteed proper and timely payment, whereas clients are guaranteed the best and timeliest work possible. JRL Solutions takes the guesswork out of freelance outsourcing, and it also arranges for outsourced virtual assistants and other personnel on a temporary or permanent basis.

JRL Solutions draws on its founder’s extensive experience as a freelance business and content writer to provide the best freelance talent to produce the best product for professional clients who insist on the ultimate in quality and cost-effective business writing services.

About JRL Solutions

Founded in 2009 by top freelance writer Joy R Lynskey, JRL Solutions provides high quality, cost effective, professional business writing services by outsourcing to and supervising the work of talented freelance writers.