Debug the World launched: an open platform for solving real world problems

Debug the World, a new platform for collaborative problem solving has been launched. This new online platform offers the possibility to share and solve the problems of this world. Every user can share his problems or work on solutions for an existing problem.

Online PR News – 18-October-2010 – – Debug the World is a new free online platform for solving real world problems. Any problems which affects many people can be described on this site. Based on these descriptions the contributors can conceive and describe possible solutions. It runs on a nonprofit basis and is open to everyone who wants to contribute.

The contributers can edit articles in a wikipedia like fashion to describe problems and solutions. The observer of a problem can create a good base for solutions with an accurate description. A problem can describe for example an environmental, cutlural or health problem. Any problem which is nontrivial, affects a group of persons and is not in violation of the human rights can be submitted.

Examples for real world problems are:
- The difficulty to store vaccines in hot countries
- Flaws in the patent system of many countries
- Waste of paper for never used things like paper receipts

The creative mind can write solutions based on the existing problem descriptions. Due to its free and open nature, persons with any background and any training can collaborate in the search for solutions. Passionate individuals as well as companies are invited to work on these solutions to make the world a better place. When properly elaborated the solutions can be realized by anyone who wants to.

To get up-to-date information about the platform Debug the World, the interested person can visit the Debug the World blog.