Former Modern Furniture Executives Start Venture Based on Principles that Cater to Online Shoppers

While Brick-and-Mortar Modern Furniture Retailers Across the Country Shutter their Doors, Customers are left with few Options to find Unique Modern Home Furnishings. Modern Digs Furniture was Founded to Fill the Void and Offer Great Modern Furniture Without the Pricing Games that are so Common in the Furniture Industry.

Online PR News – 18-October-2010 – – Since 2008, the economy has given small business the pink slip with the furniture industry taking the lead spot in line at the unemployment office. While the big box corporations swallow up what is left of the neighborhood mom and pop furniture companies, customers are left with few options for modern furniture that boasts of quality and affordability, and that delivers the warm fuzzy feeling of home. More often than not, the only place customers can buy modern furniture these days is online.

When Alan Chasak and Kevin Sykes set out to start Modern Digs Furniture, they realized customers still demanded an option for modern furnishings that didn’t require wandering through the maze of disposable goods at IKEA or spending thousands on original designs. They also realized customers could see through the pricing and promotions gimmicks that had once ruled the furniture block, but eventually lead to its demise. By taking a straightforward approach, offers quality products at exceptional prices, and customer service that delivers the personal experience customers hope to find when shopping for their homes; and they offer it all through a simple click of a mouse.

“The thought of artificially raising prices just to lower them every single weekend or every holiday just doesn’t sit right with me. I’m not in the business of deception and I know that customers aren’t stupid. Raising and lowering prices is done to create urgency. I try to build relationships with my customers. I’m interested in helping someone make their home or office beautiful. Kevin and I figured we should just offer the lowest price we could every single day.” said Alan Chasak, co-owner of There’s also a “Best Price Guarantee” at Modern Digs that actually walks the walk: if you find an identical item on the internet for less, send them the information and they will sell you the item for 5% less than their competitor.

Through the foray of faceless retail conglomerations and internet companies that are devoid of personality and connection, Modern Digs aims to scale the way into the virtual future of small business and furniture, and help give its customers that little piece of home.

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