Probiotic Market- Advanced Technologies and Global Market
09/24/2009 included "Probiotic Market- Advanced Technologies and Global Market" report that provides in-depth market estimates and forecast for global probiotics market

Online PR News – 24-September-2009 – – Probiotic Market- Advanced Technologies and Global Market (2009 - 2014)

The global probiotics market is estimated to reach US$ 31.2 billion in 2014 growing at a CAGR of 11.7% from 2009 to 2014. In the year 2002, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations defined probiotics as ‘live microorganisms, which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host.’ Extensive research has opened up doors for the usage of probiotics, also highlighting its benefits including prevention and cure of certain diseases, such as inflammatory bowel disease, lactose intolerance. Its availability in the form of food and dietary supplements like dairy products and baked products has increased its consumption among the health-conscious population. One of the primary reasons behind the growth of the overall probiotics market is the improved efficiency of the ingredients that gives the products their bio-therapeutic properties. Probiotics and other similar products that promote health benefits have received a boost due to the increasing consumer demand for such products that prevent onset of digestive ailments and boost immune system. Ageing baby boomer population is one of the prime beneficiaries of probiotics followed by consumers of convenience and junk foods poor in fiber and nutrients since age and improper diet are two important factors responsible for the imbalance in the intestinal microbiota and the administration of probiotics helps to rectify the problem. Women being more health conscious and aware of probiotics than men, they are responsible for driving the market. (

Foreseeing the rising importance of probiotics, several players have jumped into the bandwagon, producing innovative products and integrating probiotics with present products such as sausages, muffins, cheese, chocolates etc. However, the products have received varying level of success, in congruence with their overall health benefits. The highest number of product innovations has occurred in the field of probiotic functional foods and beverages (F&B) with more than 500 products of the latter category being introduced in the past decade. In this segment, probiotic dairy products have been enjoying the highest market share and are expected to continue to do so in the future; driven by their consistent demand and consumer perception that probiotic ingredients are most compatible and beneficial when integrated with dairy ingredients. The application of probiotics is found in regular consumption, for therapeutic use, prevention of diseases and also in animal feed for nutrition enhancement.

Market estimates and forecast

The report provides in-depth market estimates and forecast for global probiotics market as follows:
Products: Functional foods and beverages – dairy products, non dairy beverages, breakfast cereal, baked goods, fermented meat products, dry-food probiotics; animal feed probiotics; dietary supplements - food supplements, nutritional supplements and specialty nutrient.
Applications: Human application – regular consumption, probiotic therapy, prevention of diseases and probiotic application for animals.
Ingredients: Bacteria in probiotic foods – lactobacilli, bifidobacteria, bacillus coagulans; yeast and others.

Key questions answered

• Which are the high growths segments/cash cows; how is the market segmented in terms of applications, products, ingredients, technologies, stakeholders.
• What are market estimates and forecast; which are markets are doing well and which are not?
- Where are the gaps and opportunities; what is driving the market;
- Which are the key playing fields? Which are the winning edge imperatives?
- How is the competitive outlook; who are the main players in each of the segments; what are the key selling products; what are their strategic directives, operational strength and product pipelines? Who is doing what?

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