Dry Mouth Treatments Described by Ottawa Dental implants provider

Dr. Pamela Li, an Ottawa ON dental implants expert, explains Dry Mouth Syndrome and ways to treat it.

Online PR News – 18-October-2010 – – Ottawa ON – Dr. Pamela L, an Ottawa dental implants provider, often cares for patients with Dry Mouth Syndrome, a condition characterized by reduced or absent saliva. Without saliva’s moisture a patient’s mouth could be vulnerable to more cavities and gum infections. While the mouth harbors bacteria, sugars and acids all the time, saliva usually washes them away from teeth, root surfaces, and gums.

A host of medical conditions can lead to dry mouth – in addition to medications for allergies, depression, high blood pressure, insomnia, or other conditions. “If you require prescription medicine, you probably can’t steer clear of dry mouth completely. However, you must be particularly careful about going to your preventive dental appointments,” says Dr. Li, an Ottawa ON cosmetic dentistry practitioner.

Ottawa dental (http://www.drpamelali.com/blog/) specialist Dr. Li recommends some treatments:
• Drink cool water or melt ice chips in your mouth (but don’t chew the ice!).
• Drink milk since it has moisturizing qualities.
• Reduce caffeine consumption – is a leading cause of dry mouth. Stick with caffeine-free tea, coffee, and sodas.
• Place a cool air humidifier in your bedroom.
• Pass on the alcohol and alcohol-containing mouthwashes. Alcohol dries out mouths and aggravates the mouth’s tissues.
• Seek out sugar-free candy, gum and beverages, especially products containing Xylitol. Gum will get the saliva flowing.
• Visit the dentist regularly. Dry mouth can trigger oral yeast infections and cavities.
• Be particularly careful with your oral hygiene.
• Look for products with Biotene, which are gentle and developed specifically for Dry Mouth Syndrome. Biotene is an ingredient in some toothpastes, mouthwashes, and gums.
• “Look for non-prescription products that moisturize your mouth or stimulate saliva production,” suggests Dr. Li, an Ottawa porcelain veneers (http://www.drpamelali.com/cosmetic-dentists-ottawa.php#veneers). “You can find them at a drug store.”

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