RFID in Metal Tag Promises Accountability in the Oil and Gas Industry

XERAFY and Oil & Gas RFID Group Partnership provides RFID-in-Metal material tracking solutions for improving traceability and accountability in oil and gas industry.

Online PR News – 18-October-2010 – – Dallas, TX – XERAFY™ proudly announces a strategic partnership with the Oil & Gas RFID Group to meet the specific needs and set standards for asset management in the oil and gas industry. A new generation of RFID technology from XERAFY looks promising, that can be embedded in metal to enable them to survive the harsh oilrig environment.

“We are delivering on our promise to our oil and gas customers to solve the RFID on metal issue by permanently attaching or embedding in metal the RFID. Our RFID X-factor tags are a dependable method of asset control because they can endure the exposure to high temperatures, rough handling, and caustic chemicals that most types of identification methods cannot survive. “ Explains Dennis Khoo, CEO of XERAFY.

Frost & Sullivan reports, “RFID will be a promising technology in the oil and gas industry and is anticipated to provide opportunities for vendors in applications such as supply chain management (SCM); health, safety, and environment (HSE); and facility operations and management. The petroleum and oil gas industries are deploying RFID solutions to increase efficiency and revenue, while reducing operating costs.”

“It’s really about positioning the RFID technology as part of a solution to validate any edge processes, meaning the last mile of data driven at harsh environments, like oil rigs.” States Sam Falsafi, Oil & Gas Principal of Shipcom Wireless and Co-founder of Oil and Gas RFID Group.

Read more about the promise of RFID in a recent joint whitepaper and video from XERAFY and Oil & Gas RFID Group. Visit with XERAFY at the Deepwater Operations Show in Galveston, TX November 2-4, 2010.

XERAFY is committed to bringing customers the world's smallest and most durable passive UHF RFID-On-Metal (ROM) and –iN metal tags that are qualified and tested to meet extreme conditions over the lifetime of the asset. XERAFY’s innovative packaging technology offers the Automotive Manufacturing, Aerospace, Energy, IT, and Construction market, an affordable, durable, high temperature smart tag that can be easily attached to or embedded to metal assets. XERAFY enables customers to be successful automatically check-in/check-out tools, MRO, WIP, process control and logistics through a competitive advantage in size, cost, design, quality, and performance of tags. XERAFY is headquartered in Hong Kong, and maintains sales & support offices in Dallas, Texas, Maryland and in Shanghai, China.

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About Oil & Gas RFID Solutions Group

The Oil & Gas RFID Solution Group (OGR) is most recognized collaborative group of subject matter experts in this industry. The group is supported by the world’s largest oil companies and serves as a cornerstone for technology and standards development around RFID within the oil and gas sector. With a combined 120 case studies worldwide, the group also has the largest industry database of technology application and return on investment metrics. This extensive influence and expertise affords the OGR with an unprecedented ability to build fundamental technology and business roadmap, for any oil and gas organization, that are the foundation for a successful step forward within RFID.
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