Former Jamaican Journalist Launches Press Release Writing Website To Help Promote Small Businesses

Multi-award winning digital journalist, Delroy A. Whyte-Hall, has today officially launched

Online PR News – 18-October-2010 – – Multi-award winning digital journalist, Delroy A. Whyte-Hall, has today officially launched The goal of the website is to help small businesses and entrepreneurs create newsworthy press releases based off the products and services of their websites.

"If you are looking for a talented press release writer to create press releases for your business, website, product or services, then you don’t need a huge PR firm with their huge fees in order to get a quality press release,” said Whyte-Hall. “You only need a savvy professional writer with journalistic experience, and who can deliver on time."

Many business people usually don’t have any experience writing press releases, and Whyte-Hall’s advice to them is never to believe you can take on the job and be successful doing it. "If you do, it might result in a carelessly crafted news release that might make you and your business look terrible," he noted.

Known in the PR industry as the ‘Human Press Release Writing Machine’, Whyte-Hall believes a press release should always strive to reflect positively on your business. "Now, the only way a press release can make you look good is when it contains genuine news. And you only gain that confidence knowing that you have scoured in corner a professional writer who knows what a news story is… a talent every successful journalist and public relations practitioner possesses," the veteran journalist said.

Whyte-Hall, who promises to help his clients get media attention, has 20-plus in newspaper journalism, plus the knowledge and experience writing and reading press releases. As a result, he has placed himself in a unique position to know what works with editors and producers when it comes to the business of news... because he was one of them.

Whyte-Hall says he usually require that present and potential clients send him their business website URL, brochure, newsletter, or fact sheet - the fuel that fires-up his press release writing machine.

"Failing that, I’d send them a press release questionnaire to be filled out and return ASAP," he said, who on receipt of the completed questionnaire starts writing. He says it only takes him a few hours to deliver a media-ready press release.