Blister Sufferers Receive New Help Online

Whether your blister is just 1mm wide or its covering all your foot, this new resource initiates you through extensive treatment and provides medical information on causes and natural cures. This press release contains a small part from my interview with the owner.

Online PR News – 05-April-2009 – – For most people blisters are never a thing to worry. For others, blisters are their major problem. Everybody knows what a blister is; still, just a few have really literally suffered of extreme blisters (the kind of blisters that make your skin to fall down from the affected area). I have approach Andreea F., the founder of, for a brief interview on blisters.

Me: Ms. Andreea, can you make an estimate on how many people suffer from blisters in the world?
Andreea: Almost everybody suffered from blisters at a point in their life. I can’t imagine anyone older than 10 that haven’t got at least a small blood dot on their feet or fingers. One can get blisters from a lot of things: sun, fever, allergies, medication, herpes virus or new shoes.
Me: Do you consider this condition to be superficial? Is there a special treatment for blister sufferers?
Andreea: Most of the times blisters go away in 2-3 days, but it depends. Some cases are more severe than others.

After we talked a while on chronic blisters, we moved our discussion on the treatment topic.

Me: How fast can one cure blisters?
Andreea: If treated correctly, one can cure blisters very fast and get rid of a lot of headaches while also enjoying the rest of the time.
Me: What are your treatment recommendations?
Andreea: Minimize friction of the area, apply talcum powder or petroleum jelly on blisters, wear protective gear and make sure the blister area stays dry. Stay away from possible sources of allergens. Don’t pop your blister on o large section and visit for further details.

I found to be a great site that covers all the main blister topics and that provides valuable information on blister natural treatment. Although I don’t have any blister at the moment, I will remember to visit this site at the first signs of having one.

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